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Speech on Pollution for Students and Children

3 Minute Speech on Pollution for Students

Pollution has become one of the most concerning issues for our planet and mankind. It takes place when pollutants contaminate our environment. In other words, pollution is responsible for disturbing the balance of the ecosystem. Moreover, it impacts our lifestyle severely and also contributes greatly to global warming. As the world is getting more modern, pollution is also enhancing day by day. It’s like we are the prisoners of our own creations. Further, it has become rather essential to learn about the causes, types, and impact of pollution to deal with this problem.

3 minute speech on pollution

Causes and Impact of Pollution

Think about it yourself and wonder how you contribute to pollution. As there isn’t just one person, organization or government to blame, but all of us. Moreover, pollution comes in different forms. To begin with, we have air pollution which means contamination of air. It is a very dangerous kind of pollution and which chemically and physically alters the air.

When toxic gases enter the atmosphere, life becomes difficult for human beings. The burning of fossil fuels, mining, automobile exhausts, and more contribute to it. Thus, it causes acid rains, respiratory problems, global warming and more.

Next up, water pollution is on the rise like anything. The industrial waste, sewage, wastewater, oil spills, and more contribute to it. Further, the impact is very deadly as we cannot survive without water. The water needed for drinking, cooking, agriculture and more is declining day by day.

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Further, we have soil pollution where contaminants and toxic chemicals hamper the quality of our soil. Soil pollution has a very negative impact, especially on wildlife and vegetation. In addition to human life and groundwater are also severely damaged. Improper waste disposal, industrial activities, acid rains and more contribute to soil pollution.

Thus, it can contaminate the health of human beings. Moreover, it impacts the growth of plants as it decreases the fertility of the soil. Moreover, it also alters the structure of the soil due to pollution.

How to Curb Pollution?

As pollution impacts our lives negatively, we need to find out ways to curb it and implement them immediately. It does not only degrade the life of humans but also animals and vegetation. We must all begin by adopting conservation approaches and sustainable strategies. It is important more than ever to restore the ecological balance.

We need to bring a change in our transportation choices. Begin with opting for public transportation instead of a private one. Try to carpool or walk and ride bikes to places. Further, we must also make sustainable food choices. Local and organic produce is the way to go.

Furthermore, the little things will go a long way. For instance, switching off the lights and fans when not in use. Unplugging electrical appliances and using energy-efficient appliances.

Moreover, we must also practice recycling and reducing waste production.  Do not use plastic and carry your own cloth or plastic bags when shopping. Use glass containers for storage instead of plastic ones. Further, conserve water at all times. Fix any leakages if present and do not use hot water unnecessarily.

To sum it up, we see that the change begins with us. You don’t have to bank on the government or the industries to curb pollution, as we all contribute to it. We need to control pollution so as to create a healthy future for our upcoming generations. Every person on this earth has a great role to play in restoring the balance of the earth. Educate the public about menacing issues and protect the earth from degrading.

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