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Isotonic Solutions – Definition and Examples


Firstly, isotonic is a kind of solution that consists of the same salt concentration as the cells and the blood. We use these solutions commonly as intravenously infused fluids in the patients admitted in the hospitals.

Isotonic Solution Definition

We use this term for describing solutions, chemistry, and muscles a few times in human biology. In chemistry, we call a solution isotonic when it has the same concentration of the solutes as another solution. Moreover, this occurs across a semipermeable membrane.

The use of this chemical in human anatomy is very rare. However, it describes muscles that have a similar tone as the normal comparisons.

In addition, the interior organ fluid levels that are the same as the levels of the fluid. This fluid is present outside the outer wall of the organ or at the exterior membrane.


Isotonic Solution Examples

Some examples are as follows:

Alcohol Proof

We know that a shot of beer produces fewer effects on us. Whereas, a shot of whiskey causes less effect on us. This happens because the amount of whiskey in alcohol is more than that in the beer.

Scientifically, whiskey has more ethanol. It is the molecule that is responsible for the effect of alcohol in comparison to beer.

Relieving Dehydration

A saline solution contains water mixed with sodium chloride i.e. NaCl. Saline solutions are useful in the hospital. Useful for patients experiencing severe dehydration.

However, it is also useful for patients suffering from the problem of fluid intake through traditional consumption.

Moreover, unlike hypertonic and hypotonic saline solutions, these solutions have the same concentration of NaCl as a cellular fluid in the body of a human being.


Whenever a physical activity is isotonic, it consists of a lifting phase and a lowering phase as well. On the other hand, isotonic muscles have a similar tone of muscle.

The bicep curl is an isotonic activity. It involves raising and lowering the arm. It is done for the building of the muscles.

However, they may not contribute to these muscles. This is because the person that is performing this exercise may focus more on the left or the right bicep.

Importance of Isotonic Solution

It is a solution where two solutions that are thrown apart by a semipermeable membrane have an equal concentration of the solute and the water as well.

Let say we are in a party and there is an equal number of guests in the living room and the same in the kitchen.

You have such space that you can move there easily. You have equal reach for the food. This party is similar to an isotonic solution. Here everything is equal from room to room.

Comparison of Solutions

Let’s discuss membranes for a moment. A semipermeable membrane is one that lets some things go around whereas keeping some out.

For example, our Blood cells have a semipermeable membrane. This allows water like things to enter and then exit freely. But, it holds other things like fats and proteins outside of the cell.

Moreover, this membrane keeps our blood cells nice and supple. It makes them do their job without getting stuff full of whatever happens to be floating around in your bloodstream.

Solved Question For You

Ques. A saline solution consists of water mixed with which element?

(A). NaCl.
(B). H2So4.
(C). Cl.
(D). O3.

Ans. (A). NaCl.

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