Human Resource Management

Managerial Functions of HR Manager

Human Resource Department is an integral part of any organization. Also, the Human Resource Manager (HRM) is a member of the management. Four basic functions of Human Resource Management are Planning, Directing, Controlling and Organizing. In this article, we will discuss the functions of HRM in detail.

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Functions of Human Resource Management

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Directing
  • Controlling


A manager must plan ahead in order to get things done by his subordinates. It is also important to plan in order to give the organization its goals.

Also, planning helps establish the best procedures to reach the goals. Further, some effective managers devote a substantial part of their time to planning.

With respect to the human resource department, planning involves determining the personnel programs that can contribute to achieving the organization’s goals.

These programs include anticipating the hiring needs of the organization, planning job requirements, descriptions, and determining the sources of recruitment.

Functions of Human Resource Management


After the human resource manager establishes the objectives and develops plans and programs to achieve them, he needs to design and develop the organization’s structure to carry out the different operations. Developing the organization’s structure includes:

  • Grouping of personnel activity into functions or positions
  • Assigning different groups of activities to different individuals
  • Delegating authority according to the tasks assigned and responsibilities involved
  • Coordinating activities of different employees


The HR Manager can create plans, but implementing the plans smoothly depends on how motivated the people are. The directing functions of HRM involve encouraging people to work willingly and efficiently to achieve the goals of the organization. In simpler words, the directing functions of HRM entail guiding and motivating people to accomplish the personnel programs.

The HRM can motivate the employees through career planning and salary administration by boosting the employee’s morale, developing relationships, providing safety requirements, and looking after the welfare of employees.

In order to do this effectively, the HRM must identify the needs of the employees and the means and methods to satisfy them. Motivation is a continuous process as employees have new needs and expectations when the old ones are satisfied.

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Controlling is all about regulating activities in accordance with the plans formulated based on the objectives of the organization. This is the fourth function of the HRM and completes the cycle. In this, the manager observes and subsequently compares the results with the set standards.

Further, he corrects any deviations that might occur. Controlling is one of the important functions of HRM as it helps him evaluate and control the performance of the department with respect to different operative functions. It also involves appraisals, audit, statistics, etc.

Question on Functions of Human Resource Management

Q1. What are the four basic functions of HRM?


The four basic functions of the HRM are similar to those of any manager – planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

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