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Role of Personnel Manager

One of the main functions of personnel manager is counselling role. As a counselor As a counsellor, personnel manager discusses the problems with employees related to career, health, family, finance, social life and try to solve their problems and offer advice on how to overcome them.

Other functions are a mediator, initiating policies, representative role, decision making role, leadership and welfare role. In this article, we will explore the role of a personnel manager in an organization.

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What are the Responsibilities of Personnel Manager?

Being a manager, he is primarily responsible for the overall management of the department and performs basic managerial functions like planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.

Additionally, some operational functions like recruitment, training, etc. also form an important part of his role. A personnel manager plays an integral role in effective personnel management and making human relations in the organization better.

Functions of Personnel Manager

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Like finance assesses costs, marketing focuses on customers, personnel management is all about people. A good personnel manager brings issues pertaining to the human resources to the attention of the management. He contributes to solving management issues and helps managers with their human resource problems.

Functions of Personnel Manager

  • Counsellor
  • Initiating Policies
  • The Advisory Role
  • The Link between the Employees and the Management
  • Representative Role
  • Decision-making Role
  • Mediator Role
  • Leadership Role
  • Welfare Role
  • Research Role


Counseling is one of the main functions of personnel manager. As a counsellor, personnel manager discusses the problems with employees related to career, health, family, finance, social life and try to solve their problems and offer advice on how to overcome them.

Initiating Policies

Initiating policies is another main function of personnel manager. Initiating policies and formulating them are two important tasks of a personnel manager. He assists the senior management in creating policies pertaining to personnel management, salary administration, welfare activities, transfers, working environment, records, and appraisals.

The Advisory Role

In any organization, on a daily basis, line managers face a wide range of problems pertaining to personnel management. This is where a personnel manager steps in and offers advice on such matters since he is familiar with the laws and practices that surround human resources.

The Link between the Employees and the Management

Apart from personnel management, the personnel manager tries to maintain good industrial relation within the organization. So, he helps the trade unions in understanding the different policies of the organization. He also communicates the views and concerns of the union leaders to the senior management.

Representative Role

The personnel manager is also responsible to represent the company and communicate management policies which affect the people in the organization. This role is best-suited to him because he has a better overall picture of the company’s operations.

Decision-making Role

He plays an important part in decision-making on human resources-related issues. He also formulates and designs policies and programs of personnel management.

Mediator Role

In case of a conflict between employees or groups of employees, a superior and a subordinate, or even the management and employees, the personnel manager plays the role of a mediator. His role is to ensure peace and harmony in the organization.

Leadership Role

He offers leadership and guidance to employees. Further, a personnel manager ensures effective communication in the organization and motivates employees to work towards achieving the organization’s objectives.

Welfare Role

In most organizations, the personnel manager also acts as the welfare officer. Therefore, he ensures facilities and services like canteen, transport, hospitalization, and other employee welfare services are available to the workers.

Research Role

He maintains a record of all employees in the organization. He also researches various personnel areas like absenteeism, alcoholism, labor turnover, etc. Further, post-analysis, he recommends apt measures to help eradicate them to the senior management.

Solved Question on Functions of Personnel Manager

Q1. Apart from the managerial and operational functions, what are the roles of a personnel manager?


The roles of a personnel manager are:

  • Policy Initiation
  • Advisory
  • Linking-pin
  • Representative
  • Decision-making
  • Mediator
  • Leadership
  • Welfare
  • Research
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