CBSE Class 11 Physics Revision Notes

CBSE Class 11 Physics Chapter 1 Physical World Class 11 Notes

Physical World Class 11 CBSE Revision Notes

This article deals with physical world class 11 notes. Since time immemorial, humans have been curious about the world around them. For example, there has certainly has been a fascination of the human mind with the night and its bright celestial objects. Repetitions of the day and night have been another good reason for curiosity arousal. Furthermore, the world seems to have an astonishing variety of materials. Moreover, there is a tremendous diversity of life and behavior in this world. There certainly has been an indulgence of the imaginative and inquisitive human mind towards these wonders of nature. One type of response from the human mind most probably has been to carefully observe the physical environment. Humans always look for meaningful patterns and relations regarding natural phenomena. Most noteworthy, they know how to develop and use new tools for the purpose of interacting with the environment.

The origin of the word science is from the Latin word Scientia which means ‘to know’. Similarly, the Sanskrit word Vijnan and the Arabic word Ilm mean the same thing. Furthermore, various ancient civilizations of India, Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek have come up with vital contributions to Science. Finally, science became a truly international enterprise in the middle of the twentieth century. Now, the main question is what exactly Science is in contrast to the Scientific method. Simply speaking, Science refers to the systematic attempt to understand natural phenomena with accuracy. Science certainly deals with exploring, experimenting, and prediction about what we observe around us. On the other hand, the Scientific Method consists of several interconnected steps to make Science work.

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Sub-topics covered under Physical World

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