CBSE Class 11 Physics Revision Notes

CBSE Class 11 Physics Chapter 8 – Gravitation Class 11 Notes

Gravitation Class 11 CBSE  Revision Notes

Gravitation Class 11 Notes – Firstly, the chapter explains Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Also, it tells the G is the universal constant of gravity and it has a value of 6.672 x 10-11 Nm2kg2. Furthermore, under gravitational influence conserves angular momentum, total mechanical energy. Moreover, angular momentum conservation leads to Kepler’s second law. Conversely, it is not special to the inverse square law of gravitation. In addition, any central force holds them. Besides, there is a situation called weightlessness which the astronaut faces in space. The chapter explains this situation in the chapter.

Most noteworthy, the total mechanical energy of an object is the sum of its kinetic energy and the potential energy. Also, relative to infinity the gravitational potential energy of an object is negative. In addition, the total energy of a satellite is negative. Furthermore, the chapter explains the earth’s natural satellite ‘the moon’. Besides, the gravitational force between two particles is central, and the force between two finite rigid bodies is not necessarily along the line joining their center of mass. Moreover, the gravitational force between two particles inside a spherical shell is zero.

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Sub-topics covered under Gravitation

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