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Barium Nitrate Formula

Barium Nitrate is also referred to as Barium Dinitrate or Barium salt. It is basically an inorganic salt that we commonly use in the manufacturing of pyrotechnics. This article will help you study about Barium Nitrate Formula in detail.

Barium Nitrate Formula and Structure

Barium Nitrate chemical formula is written as Ba (NO3)2. Similarly, the molar mass of it is 261.34 g mol-1. If we look at the structure, we see that it takes one Barium cation Ba2+ and 2 nitrate anions NO3 in order to form. Moreover, the crystal structure is cubic with 1 barium cation surrounded by 4 nitrate anions. In order to write the chemical structure of Barium Nitrate, refer to the image given below, in the common representations used for organic molecules.


Barium Nitrate occurs naturally in state and is found in the mineral Nitrobarite. However, it is said to be too low in the quantities that it is found in. Thus, one can prepare it following the preparation method given below.


In order to prepare Barium Nitrate, one may begin with the reaction of Nitric acid along with Barium metal or with the reaction of Nitric acid and Barium Oxide.

2HNO3 + Ba → Ba(NO3)2 + H2

2HNO3 + BaO → Ba(NO3)2 + H2O

In addition, one may also prepare it by dissolving Barium Carbonate in Nitric acid.

Physical Properties

Barium Nitrate Formula

The colour of Barium Nitrate is shiny white and it is found in crystalline solid form. The density of it is 3.24 g mL-1. Further, the melting point of this salt is 592 °C. Thus, if kept in above the given temperature, it will decompose. Moreover, it is said to be highly soluble in hot water and poorly soluble in cold water. Similarly, Barium Nitrate is not soluble in ethanol. The colour of the flame when it burns is green.

Chemical Properties

It is a very strong oxidizing agent which makes it very easy to oxide some metal and oxide and reacts aggressively with them. As Barium Nitrate consists of a high content of Nitrate, people use it commonly for military purpose. For instance, people use it to make grenades and other types of explosives. Similarly, when kept in high temperatures, it may decompose to create Barium Oxide and NO2:

2 Ba(NO3)2 → 2BaO + 4NO2 + O2


It generally has applications in producing pyrotechnics, where the compound is responsible by the green colour which we see in the flames. Moreover, it can also be useful in making some materials which contain a mixture of Barium Oxide. We also use it to create explosives like Baratol, Thermate-TH3 and more. Moreover, it is used in other things like green signal lights, detonators, propellant, paints, rodenticide and more.

Safety Hazards

One must always avoid ingesting or inhaling Barium Nitrate. It is toxic and may result in irritation in eyes as well as the respiratory tract. When it comes in contact with Aluminium powder, it may create quite an explosive powder. Moreover, this strong oxidizing agent reacts violently with other metal oxides.

Solved Example for You:

Question- Which of the following things do not require Barium Nitrate for its production?

  1. a) Explosives
  2. b) Rodenticides
  3. c) Green signal lights
  4. d) Textiles

Answer- The correct answer is Option D. Barium Nitrate is present in all the rest of the options.

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