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Nickel Nitrate Formula

Nickel nitrate is a chemical green crystalline solid. It is easily soluble in water. It is non-combustible in nature, but it will accelerate the burning of other combustible materials. If large quantities are involved in a fire then the material is finely divided, an explosion may result. This article will explain the Nickel Nitrate chemical and Nickel Nitrate Formula with examples. Let us learn it!

Nickel Nitrate Formula


Nickel Nitrate Formula

What is Nickel Nitrate?

Nickel element (atomic symbol: Ni) has atomic number 28. It is a Block D, Group 4, Period 4 element with an atomic weight of 58.6934. The number of electrons in each of nickel’s shells is 2, 8, 16. Nickel was the discovery of Alex Constant in 1751.

In its elemental form, it has a lustrous metallic silver appearance. Nickel is a hard and ductile transition metal and it is considered corrosion-resistant because of its slow rate of oxidation.

The Formula for Nickel Nitrate

Its chemical formula is:

\(Ni (NO_{3})_{2}\).

It has One atom of Ni, one atom of N and 3 atoms of O.

Nickel Nitrate is of emerald green hygroscopic crystalline solid. It is a unique chemical compound that is non-combustible. But it has the ability to accelerate the burning of combustible materials. Nickel Nitrate is used in a nickel plating and is also used to get nickel catalysts for use in chemical production.


Its melting point is \(56.7 ^{\circ}\)C and its boiling point is \(136.7 ^{\circ}\)C. It is soluble in Ethanol. It can react violently with iodine and hydrogen sulfide. Nickel hydroxide is easily soluble in acids and ammonium hydroxide. But, it is practically insoluble in water. It decomposes into nickel oxide and water when heated at high temperatures. Its density is 2.05 gram per cubic cm.

Nickel nitrate is the inorganic compound or any hydrate thereof. Its anhydrous form is very uncommon. Thus nickel nitrate usually is referring to nickel (II) nitrate hexahydrate. Its another formula is written as

\(Ni (NO_{3})_{2} \cdot  6 H_{2}O\)


One can prepare it by the reaction of nickel oxide with nitric acid. Its equation is as below:

\(NiO + 2 HNO_{3} + 5 H_{2} O \rightarrow  Ni (NO_{3})_{2} \cdot 6 H_{2}O\)

This anhydrous nickel nitrate is possible by heating the hydrates.

\(Ni(CO)_{4} + 2 N_{2}O_{4} \rightarrow  Ni(NO_{3})_{2} + 2 NO + 4 CO\)

Nickel nitrate along with water is obtained, by its reaction with nitric acid.


Therefore, the hydrated nitrate is often useful as a precursor to support nickel catalysts. Like other nitrates, nickel nitrate is also an oxidizing agent. It is also irritating to the eyes, skin and the respiratory tract. It may also cause skin allergy. The nickel ion is very toxic to aquatic organisms.

Long term exposure to fire or heat may result in an explosion. Toxic oxides of nitrogen are possible to get in fires involving this material. It is useful in a nickel plating and to make nickel catalysts for use in chemical manufacture. They are an excellent source of Nickel Nitrate for applications to solubilize the materials.

Solved Examples Nickel Nitrate Formula

Q.1: Determine the molar mass of Nickel Nitrate.

Solution: Its molecular formula is

\(Ni (NO_{3})_{2}\)

Its molar mass will be:

=\(58.6934 + 2  \times 14.0067 + 6 \times 15.9994\)

= 182.7032 gram per mole.

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