Adverb: An adverb is a word that tells us more about a verb, an adjective or even another adverb. It can be said that an adverb modifies a verb. There are many types of adverbs like an interrogative adverb, conjunctive adverb etc. Let us learn about them in some details.


We have put together three great chapters that will explain you all about Adverbs. Let’s have a look:

  • Formation of Adverbs: How are Adverbs formed? Adverbs are usually formed by adding -ly to an adjective (example- quickly). It has been observed the adverbs that end in -ly usually are adverbs of manner or adverbs of degree. Basically, an adverb that answers the question of how?
  • Introduction to Adverbs : An Adverb is a word that qualifies the verb. What does that mean? This means that an adverb shows how, when and where some action, event or situation happened.
  • Kinds of Adverbs: Adverbs are of time, place, degree, frequency, or manner. These essentially talk about the action in the sentence. To give a brief: Adverb of Time shows when something happened; Adverb of Place shows where something happened; Adverb of Frequency shows how often something happened; Adverb of Degree shows the extent of what happened; Adverb of Manner shows how something happened.
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