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500+ Words Essay About Yourself

 To know yourself is a valuable ability. Every human on Earth must understand himself. Not understanding oneself is certainly painful. A person who doesn’t know himself is bound for failure. This is because he does not know his strengths and weaknesses. This lack of clarity can make life difficult for anyone. Hence, I have made the decision not to make this mistake. Keeping this in mind, I present this article exploring myself.

Essay About Yourself

My Philosophy of Life

I believe in the Gandhian philosophy of life. Above all, Mahatma Gandhi is the role model of my life. I strongly believe in the values of non-violence taught by him. Also, I hate violence against animals. I despise criminals who commit evil. No one has the right to hurt any living person. No human has provided more peaceful values than Mahatma Gandhi.

I strongly believe in Gandhi’s philosophy of boycotting enemies. This is probably the best way of dealing with enemies. Mahatma Gandhi led the boycott of British products and services. This certainly led to a significant loss in British profits. Similarly, I also deal with the people I don’t like. I cut off all contact with people I dislike. Furthermore, this is a non-violent way of dealing with the situation. Also, this method gives me peace of mind. Consequently, the other party gets frustrated and often ends the dispute.

I am a firm believer in Mahatma Gandhi’s value of honesty. We may have often heard the phrase “honesty is the best policy”. However, Gandhiji was the one to actually practice it. Once, Mahatma Gandhi stole something from his father. Then he began to regret that action. So, Gandhiji made confession of it to his father in a letter. This certainly requires extraordinary courage to do it. I try to follow this Gandhian aspect of life. Whenever I am wrong, I confess it to my parents. I don’t believe in hiding my sins and mistakes.

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My Hobbies

First of all, cricket is a game which has been my passion since childhood. Above all, I had a preference for bowling rather than batting. My inspiration was legendary fast bowler Brett Lee. He holds the reputation of being one of the fastest bowlers ever. Brett Lee was my inspiration for bowling. Furthermore, I always used to imitate his style of bowling when playing cricket. Also, I love watching live cricket matches on television.

Video Games are my other significant interest. Gaming is my great desire. The majority of my free time, I spent in gaming. I always keep up-to-date track of the latest games in the industry. Most noteworthy, I have a massive collection of high-quality video games. I prefer both console and computer platforms for playing video games. Furthermore, I am almost invincible in most video games.

In conclusion, knowing and understanding oneself is of paramount importance. Above all, my advice would be that everyone must discover themselves. Hence, everyone must come out of the oblivion and clearly define themselves.

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