Essay on Sports for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Sports

Sport plays an important role in students. As it develops the physical and mental health of the child. Moreover, adults should include in their daily life routine. Sports are not only played for physical health but also to create discipline in a person. Since all the sports require obedient towards a goal, it enlists hard work in a person. Furthermore, some people play sports to make their career in it.

In our country where cricket is more than a sport for us, many cricketers have got fame because of it. Moreover, cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni are renowned in the entire world. As they have much fame in the country. People recognize them just by their name.

But apart from cricket different organization organize different sports. Tournaments like Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cup, Asian games have great importance in the world. The tournaments carry out on a huge scale.

There are many sports that have equal importance. Division of these sports is in two categories.

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Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports as the name states takes place outside the house. For instance, some of these sports are:
Football: This sport takes place on the ground. Moreover, there are two goalposts at the end. As two teams play this sport. So the players of the team have to kick in the ball in the opposite goals. However, the other teams have to defend their goalposts.

Cricket: As we all know about cricket It is also an outdoor sport. Players play cricket on a pitch. In this one team does batting while the other bowls and fields. Moreover, we can only play cricket on a dry pitch. So this game can only take place in pleasant weather.

Tennis: Player plays this sport with a racquet. Moreover, in this sport, only two or four players can play. Furthermore, this sport takes place in a tennis court.
Hockey: Hockey is also a renowned sport. Our country excels in this game. Moreover, our hockey players are the best be it in the male or the female category. Players play hockey with a hockey stick and a synthetic ball. But the gameplay of this sport is the same as of football
However, there are many outdoor sports but these are the major ones.

Indoor sports

Indoor sports usually take place in a confined place or a room. Some examples of these types of sports are:

Chess: Chess is a mind game. Only intellectual players play this sport. Because it requires a lot of knowledge and presence of mind. Participants play this sport on a chessboard. Moreover, each player has 16 pieces with which they have to play the game

Table Tennis: Players play table tennis on a table inside a room or a hall. Moreover, like tennis it also has racquets. But the size of the racquets is small and of a different material. Moreover, it has a set of rules so the players have to play accordingly.

Boxing: Boxing is a lethal sport. Players like Mary Kom from our country excel in this game. Moreover, Mary Kom makes a huge name worldwide because of her skills in this game. Boxing is a sport that takes place in a boxing ring. Two players land punches on each other until either one knocks out.

Badminton: Similar to tennis only two or four players can play this. Moreover, players play it wit a badminton racquet.

Moreover, there are other sports too but these have great significance in our country.

The FAQ on Essay on sports

Q1.What is the importance of sports in our life?

A1. Sports keep our physical and mental health stable. Moreover, it keeps our body free from any disease by keeping our heart fit.

Q2. Name any two renowned sports players in our country.

A2. The two renowned sports players in our country are Sachin Tendulkar and M.S. Dhoni.

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