Essay on Starvation in India for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Starvation

Starvation is a very deadly condition which results in malnutrition and even loss of life. India and starvation have been going hand in hand for a very long time. It is so because the people living below the poverty line in India are very high. Moreover, starvation is a cause of so many deaths every year that it needs to be stopped. We must recognize the causes of starvation in India so we can work better to eradicate them. Furthermore, when we eradicate starvation we will also be ending a lot many problems.

Causes of Starvation in India

There are a number of causes due to which starvation happens in our country. First, we will look at the regions hit most by this condition. The areas of North Bengal, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh suffer the most in this aspect. The most important reason is that of poor implementation of government schemes.

The government of India has released numerous schemes which aim to eradicate this problem; however, there is a very poor implementation of these. Corruption makes it difficult to let these schemes become a success.

Moreover, the officials who are appointed with distributing grains or monitoring this procedure have the least interest in the welfare of the people. Thus, it makes it impossible to make an adequate supply of food available to people.

Furthermore, the state does not exactly specify which people come under the ‘poor’ sector. While the National Food Security Bill promises to offer people facilities like mid-day meals and health care schemes for pregnant women, it does not specify who is eligible for this. Therefore, this vague description often contributes to the failure of such well-intended schemes.

It’s Not Just About Food

When we talk about the issue of starvation, the conversation does not merely limit to food. There are bigger problems at bay which we must be talking about. The deaths due to starvation go beyond the matter of food. It indicates how the government fails to help the underprivileged when they need it most.

Furthermore, there is also the issue of illiteracy. When people won’t know what their rights are and what they are being promised, they will fail to ensure its execution.

In other words, the people do not raise a voice against the corruption of the officials who are handled the task of distributing food. This is because they are not aware of their power. Similarly, they also do not go for medical treatments in these cases due to a lack of awareness.

Therefore, we all need to come together to eradicate this issue completely. While there are people wasting food, there are many who die due to not getting some. This inequality must be stopped. The government must ensure their schemes are being implemented properly by honest officials.

Moreover, the NGO’s must work to feed people so there are no deaths due to starvation. Similarly, we all must volunteer for this cause and donate food whenever we can. In addition, we must also help out these NGO’s through funds and donations.

Some FAQs on Starvation

Q.1 What causes starvation in India?

A.1 There are many reasons which cause starvation in India. Firstly, the schemes for distribution for food are not implemented properly. Then, there are corrupt officials who do not let it happen. Moreover, the bills do not specify who fall in the ‘poor’ category.

Q.2 Why is the issue of starvation beyond food?

A.2 Starvation goes beyond food. It indicates the government’s failure to help the people in need. Moreover, it also highlights the illiteracy and lack of medical facilities in our country.

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