Natural Resources Essay for Students and Children

500+ Words Essay on Natural Resources

Mother Nature has given us many wonderful gifts that not only help us to survive but also to live one life in a prosperous way. One of these gifts is a natural resource. Besides, these natural resources help us to make our life easy and comfortable. In addition, they are present in nature in abundance but many of them take time to regenerate.

Natural Resources Essay

Meaning of Natural Resources

A natural resource is not a complex thing basically we can say that everything that we get from nature is a natural resource. Whether it is the sunlight, water, coal, natural gases, minerals, and air. All these things come under natural resources.

Types of Natural resources

The categories and use of every natural resource are different but on a broader level, they are categorized into two categories namely renewable and non-renewable.

Renewable Natural Resources– These are those natural resources that are present in abundance and also renew easily. These include sunlight, water, air, soil, biomass, and wood. But among them, some resources take time to renew like the wood and soil.

In addition, they are derived from living things as well as non-living things. Those resources that we derive from living things are organic renewable resources and those, which we derive from non-living things, are inorganic renewable resources.

Non-Renewable Natural Resources– As the name suggests these resources do not get renewed easily like renewable resources. Also, they take many years to regenerate. These resources include coal, petroleum, natural gases, etc.

Besides, we also categorized into two groups organic and inorganic. The organic non-renewable resources form from the dead bodies of living things and include fossil fuel. While inorganic non-renewable resources form with the non-living things like the wind, minerals, soil, and land.

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Distribution of natural resources

The natural resources are unevenly distributed on the surface of the earth. In addition, the different regions of the surface are rich in different varieties of minerals or natural resources. While there are areas that receive an abundance of sunlight, on the contrary, there are areas that receive very little sunlight.

Similarly, some region has a lot of water bodies while others have minerals rich land. Above all, the main factor that influences the uneven distribution of resources is the land type and climate.

This uneven distribution is the major link that connects different countries and facilitates international trade between them. Moreover, it has some bad effects too because the countries rich in fossil fuels control and exploit the market as well as other countries that depend on them for the supply of fuel. Due to this, the rich countries are getting richer and poor countries are getting poorer.

In conclusion, we can say that the earth has a huge stock of natural resources and if we use them sustainably then we can easily save them as well as the planet for some extra time till we completely start using renewable resources. This will also reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources.

Besides, they are important for us because our existence depends on them. Also, we should use them wisely and avoid any 0kind of their wastage.

FAQs about Natural Resources Essay

Q.1 Name a renewable natural resource that we can use for many purposes?
A.1 Sunlight is the renewable natural resource that we can use for many purposes like for making electricity, for cooking, heating, making salt from seawater, drying clothes and many more.

Q.2 What is the conservation of natural resources?
A.2 Conservation of resources means saving the resources and using them sustainably. Also, it encompasses the quality and quantity of natural resources.

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