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When you look up at the sky, what all do you notice? Stars, moon and also, the sun during the day. Where are they placed? What is there up in the space? Have you ever wondered about that? In this chapter, we will study the concept of space and planets and also know about the beauty of the same.

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What Is Space?

When you look at the sky, you see clouds, you see the moon and the stars. You also sometimes see a rocket travelling. Whereas, on other occasions you also see a star falling.

What Exactly Is Up There?

The area outside the earth is the space. In space, there are various celestial objects like planets, meteors, stars etc. These meteors are what ‘fall’ from the sky. Space is a quiet place. No one can hear you in space, no matter how hard you scream.

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Space Not So Full of Stars

More than that, it is important for you to know what is NOT there in space. There is no air in space! Can you imagine how strange that would be? Yes! It is just vacuum. In this empty space, neither can sound waves travel nor could the sunlight be scattered. Sometimes, space could appear as a black blanket.

Where Do Planets Lie In Space?

No! Space is not totally empty. There is a vast gap between the stars and planets. This gap is filled with a massive amount of gas and dust. There are other celestial bodies as well. Our earth is one of them.


Let’s Travel In Space

There are many astronauts who have been to space. From India, we have great astronauts who have travelled up there. Some of them include Kalpana Chawla, Ravish Malhotra, and Rakesh Sharma. Note: an astronaut is properly trained to travel to space by spacecraft.

Can You Sit and Roam in Space?

No, you cannot sit or walk around in space. You will float in the space.The astronauts also do not stay in one place and keep floating. Not only this, but they also have to catch the floating packets of water and food in the spaceship! This is because of the lack of the gravitational pull in space. On earth, when we throw something up it comes down because of gravitational force. However, in space, there is no such force. Therefore, things float.

Question For You

Q1. Why was the hair of the people who went to space standing?

Ans:We know in the earth the gravitational force is there. However, in space, the gravitational space is not there. That is the reason the hair of the people who went to space were standing.

Q2. Is it completely safe for the astronauts who went to space?

Ans: No,┬áit’s not completely safe because space is filled with many radiations that are dangerous. Also, from the sun much of the Infrared and Ultraviolet radiation comes here.

Q3. Do you think astronauts could make out Pakistan, Nepal separately when they saw the earth from space?

Ans: No, it is not like that. They cannot identify these places separately.

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