Purpose of Law – Justice, and Law Approaches of Different School

The Indian constitution in India is considered as the rule book in our country. It consists of clauses and articles for all the activities in the country. Law and justice ensure equality for every citizen and gives justice to all everyone.

Law and Justice – a Historical Background

law and justice

The evolution in the legal aid came up for the first time in France in the year 1851. Also, it was during this time that the government introduced an act that provides legal help to needy people. While in India, this concept of law and justice, started in 1952.

In this year the government asked for legal help for the needy people in different law conferences. Also, in 1980 a committee was established that supervised the legal aid programs throughout the country.

Furthermore, the setting up of Lok Adalats is considered as another achievement in the field of legal aid in India. These courts were tasked to speed up the trial process in the country. Thus, it made the process of justice faster.

Furthermore, in 1987, the legal services authority act was established. Thus, the concept of legal aid to gain uniformity and a statutory base was formed. But it was in 1995, that the act was finally enforced by Hon. Mr. Justice R.N.Mishra.

There was a nationwide set-up along with the apex body being the national legal authority. Furthermore, they promoted that all individuals should get justice.

Also, it laid down the policies and principles so that legal services are available for all as per the constitution.  There were certain measures being taken up so that the motive of legal aid cells can be fulfilled. Below are the measures which were implemented by the central authority:

  • Legal aid facilities in jail
  • Lok Adalats disposing of the cases
  • Publicity to legal aid programs and schemes so to make people aware about the legal aid facilities
  • Accrediting organizations and NGOs for spreading legal awareness

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Need for Legal Aid

There has been a greater change in people’s minds of the nation towards the concept of legal aid. This is from responsibility from seeking a fundamental right to finding a lawyer for the accused.

Even though all the provisions of the statute to make the concepts of legal aid flourish in India, the goals have not been achieved yet. There have been many obstacles to the successful application of legal in our country.

Role of Legal Schools

The major source where the undergraduate courses in law are offered is legal schools. Also, they make the counselors and lawmakers of the country. For ensuring the successful application of the law in the country, they also make lawyers. In India, there are a total of 14 national law schools.

These schools have a brand name in carrying out legal education in India. Also, they took up all the initiatives in spreading awareness among the needy and poor people.

Practice Questions on Law and Justice

Q. In the constitution of India, what is a judicial review based on?

A. Rule of law

B. Conventions and precedents

C. Due process of law

D. Procedure for the establishment of law

Answer: D. Procedure for the establishment of law

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