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How to Calculate Cubic Meters?

Cubic Meters

We know that understanding geometry is not an easy task. Furthermore, the calculation part of geometry bounces off over your head. In addition, a cube is a three-dimensional object that has six faces or surfaces. Also, a cube when opened makes six two-dimensional perfect squares. Let us discuss the concept of the cubic meters in detail.

What are Cubic Meters?

The cubic meter refers to the international system of units that measure the volume of an object. In addition, the SI unit (International Standard) is m3.

Besides, a cubic meter measures the volume of a 3-dimensional square object that we measure in a meter. Most noteworthy, the object is a solid shape which means it cannot be changed.

cubic meters

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How to Calculate Cubic Meters?

It is the same things as finding the volume of a cube or cuboid. But, the only difference is that it is measured in meter. Besides, for doing the calculation of cubic meter you need the measurement of the object, the formula, and knowledge of basic maths.

The formula is = length × breadth × height or l × b × h

Generally, the word ‘a’ (small a) is used to symbolize the formula of a cube and it is written as a3. In addition, cubic meter one is equal to 35.3 cubic feet, 1.3 cubic yards, and 1000 litres.

Example: Suppose there is a cube of 5cm length, breadth, and height. Find the value of this cube in a cubic meter.

Solution: According to the formula l × b × h = a3

But, the question has mentioned a figure in cm and we have to find the answer in the meter. So, for converting it into meter we will divide it with 100 because 100 cm = 1 meter

So, 5 cm ÷ 100 = 0.05 m

Therefore the answer will be 0.05 × 0.05 × 0.05 = 0.000125 m3

How to Convert Different Units in the Meter

By using these different measuring quantities we can easily convert units into meter through their use.

  • 1 yard = 0.9144 meter
  •  Then, 1 foot = 0.3048 meter
  •  1 inch = 0.0254 meter
  •  1 millimetre = 0.001 meter

The formula of cubic meter for measuring different units

The formula for measuring different units in the meter are listed below:

  • Meter = l × b × h = cubic meters
  • Centimetre = l × b × h ÷ 10,00,000 = cubic meters
  • Millimetre = l × b × h ÷ 1,00,00,00,000 = cubic meters
  • Inches = l × b × h ÷ 61,023.8 = cubic meters
  • Feet = l × b × h ÷ 35.315 = cubic meters

Properties of Cubic Meters

The cubic meter has the properties of a cube or cuboid. Furthermore, these properties are:

  • A cubic has six sides, eight vertices, and twelve edges. But, the measurement of each side may or may not vary with each other.
  • In addition, all the sides make an angle of 90o. Furthermore, the sum of the angle of each face is 360o.
  • Furthermore, all the faces meet each of the other faces at 90o angle.
  • Also, vertices meet the three edges and three faces.
  • Most noteworthy, opposite edges are parallel to each other.

Solved Question for You

  1. The length, breadth, and height of a cuboid are 12 feet, 13 feet, and 14 feet respectively. Find the volume of the cuboid in a cubic meter.
  2. the formula to covert and find the volume of feet in the cubic meter is

Volume = l × b × h ÷ 35.315

12 × 13 × 14 ÷ 35.315 = 2184 ÷ 35.315 = 61.8434 m3

So, the answer is 61.84 m3

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