Difference Between in Physics

Difference Between Gravitation and Gravity

Gravitation and gravity are very similar terms used in Physics. Generally, people are considering these two as the same term. Although these two are sounding alike but still there is the difference between gravitation and gravity. Gravitation is the acting force between two bodies. On the other hand, gravity is the force occurring between an object and the very big object earth. Gravitation also represents that this force is directly proportional to the product of the masses of both objects. And, also it is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Usually, gravity is being considered as the natural property of earth, due to which the objects are attracted towards earth. In this article, we will see some facts and the difference between gravitation and gravity.

What is Gravity?

Every object with some mass exerts the gravitational force on every other object having some mass. This force and its strength depend on the masses of the objects under consideration. Gravity helps to keep the planets to move in their orbit around the sun.

Therefore, we may say that gravity is a force that attracts a body towards the center of the earth. It is a universally accepted fact that gravity plays a major role in sustaining life on earth. This is due to the fact that the gravitational pull between the earth and the sun, the atmosphere is kept on our earth. Hence, it is the reason behind the air that we need to breathe for our survival. Not only this, but it also helps us to be at a safe distance from the sun.

What is Gravitation?

Gravitation is the force of attraction between any two bodies in the universe. In our universe, each object attracts each other with a certain amount of force. But due to the very weak nature of this force, usually, we are not able to even feel it. The large distance of separation is the main reason for its weak nature.

But, gravity’s range is considered as infinite. Its first observation was done by the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton. He gave his very important Newton’s law of gravitation in the year 1680. Actually, this gravitation exists due to the attraction of objects with the earth.

Difference Between Gravitation and Gravity

Difference between Gravitation and Gravity

                                                                                    Difference between Gravitation and Gravity

The important difference between gravitation and gravity

Parameter Gravitation Gravity
Nature of force It may be an attractive force or repulsive force as well. It is always a kind of attractive force.
Universal force It is considered as the universal force. It is not considered as the universal force.
Direction The direction of this gravitational force is along the radial direction from the masses. The direction of this force is along the line joining the earth’s center and the center of the body. It is always working towards the center of the earth.
Effect of force It is a very weak kind of force. It is a strong kind of force.
Vector This force is a vector physical quantity. Gravity force is having its own vector field.
Need for mass It needs objects with  two masses It needs only one mass.
Zero force effect The force will be zero when the distance between bodies is infinity. The force of gravity will be zero at the center of the earth.

Some more facts:

  • Gravity is the weakest type of fundamental force in nature. Still, it holds together the entire solar systems and galaxies.
  • The speed of free fall is consistent over the earth. This speed is computed as 9.8 meters per second
  • The force of attraction between us and the Earth is nothing but our weight.
  • The gravitational force on the surface of the moon is 16% of what is on the surface of the earth.
  • Black Holes are having very strong gravity in the entire universe.
  • Gravity has the existence with unlimited range.
  • Newton’s law and Kepler’s law are the two popular laws for gravitation.
  • Gravitational force does not depend on the kind of medium.

FAQs on gravity and gravitation:

Q.1: How are spaceships creating artificial gravity?

Solution: A spaceship can achieve artificial gravity due to its rotation about its axis. Also, a ship can create artificial gravity by constantly accelerating forwards.

Q.2: What is the speed of gravity on the surface of the earth?

Solution: Gravity is computed by the acceleration in the free-falling objects. At the surface of the earth, the acceleration of gravity is about 9.8 meters per second.

Q.3: Why do we feel with less weight on the equator than at the North Pole?

Solution: It is because there is more centrifugal force at the equator to cancel the effect of gravity. Thus, the overall weight at the equator is lesser than at the poles.






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