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How to Convert Fraction to Decimal?

Convert Fraction to Decimal

It is possible to represent any number below one with either a fraction or a decimal method. Therefore, conversion from one to another is quite frequent in mathematics. Here, we will see the definitions of both and also the methods to convert fraction to decimal.

Method of Converting Fraction to Decimal

In order to convert fraction to decimal, we need to know about the numbers we use in arithmetic operations. We can easily convert a fraction number into decimal numbers by following simple steps and no calculators are required. We will explain here all the steps with examples.

convert fraction to decimal

Understanding Fractions and Decimals

Fraction Number: The fraction contains three parts. First is the numerator, which is the top part of the fraction. Second is the slash which goes between the numbers. And the third is the denominator, which is the bottom part.

In a fraction, the denominator represents how many equal parts there are in the whole. For example, one can cut a pizza into 4 pieces and the denominator for the pizza would then be “4”. If you cut the same pizza into 8 slices, then the denominator will be 8.

Furthermore, the numerator represents a part, or parts, of the whole. The representation of one slice of the whole pizza would be by the numerator 1. The representation of four slices would be by the numerator 4 and so on.

Decimal Number: Decimal numbers do not use a slash to indicate what part of the whole they represent. The decimal point to the left of the numbers means that the numbers are below one.

With a decimal, the basis of the whole is on 10, 100 etc. It is depending on how many spaces to the right of the decimal the number goes.

Also, decimals are often used in a way that demonstrates their similarity to fractions. For example, 0.07 would commonly be read aloud as “Seven-hundredths,” the same as 7/100. The fraction is represented by the numbers placed towards the right of the decimal point.

Converting Fraction to Decimal Using Division

The easiest way to convert a fraction to a decimal is to read the fraction as if it were a division problem, with the division happening for the number on the top by the number on the bottom.

For Example, the fraction 2/3, can be stated as 2 divided by 3.

Thus, by division, we can easily convert fractions to decimals.

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Converting Fractions with “Power of 10” Denominators

This method will help to understand the relationship between fractions and decimals.  A “power of 10” denominator is a denominator consisting of any positive number. Then its multiplication can take place to make a multiple of 10.

Furthermore, any fraction with 5 as the denominator is an obvious candidate. However, fractions having denominators of 25 are just as easily convertible. Moreover, any number that already has an exponent of 10 as its denominator will be very easy to convert.

Another method is to multiply the fraction by another fraction with the same numerator and denominator. Furthermore, when we multiply both denominators together, they should create a multiple of 10. This we can easily convert into decimals.

For example, the fraction 4/4 is really just 1 (because 4 division by itself is equal to 4). If we are trying to convert 1/25 to a fraction with a denominator of 100, you would multiply it by 4/4. The result would be 4/100 i.e. 0.04.

Solved Questions for You

Q.1.Convert the following fractions to decimals?

(A) 3/4

(B) 3/5

Ans: (A) 3/4, divide 3 by 4 we will get 0.75.

(B) 3/5 can take place easily by multiplying numerator and denominator both by 2, as

3*2 / 5*2

= 6/10



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