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What is Cubic Centimeter? | Definition & Conversion

Cubic Centimeter

A standard unit of measurement is something that has exactly the same size. Your location does not matter, as it is the same throughout. In the mensuration, many times we have to find the volume of a given shape. This volume can be represented with the term ‘cubic centimeter’. It is the name of a block of space i.e. a cube that is a very specific size. This cube is a perfect cube where the length, width, and height are all the same. Volume is the quantity that also represents the amount of material to be stored in a container.

Definition of Cubic Centimeter

Various units are there to give value to the volume. Thus, the cubic centimeter is the derived unit of volume. Further, it is represented by a symbol as cm3. It is the volume of a cube that has edges one centimeter in length.

We use ‘cubic centimeter’ as a unit that will measure the volume of the cube. Therefore we could use cubic centimeters to explain how much concrete material we need to fill the patio in the backyard.

Therefore we can say that a cubic centimeter takes up the same amount of space as a small cube which measures 1 cm in length on each side.

This means that a cubic centimeter is a very small unit for measurement of volume. Obviously this unit will be used to represent the storage capacity of some small container.

But, here an important question is how to measure volume? It is very much different than measuring the length of some object or the surface area of a box. To find volume, we measure the space or object from its three sides i.e. width, depth, and height. Then multiply the measurements together to get a result.

For example, we need to measure the volume of an iron box. We will find height 5 centimeters, 10 centimeters wide and 12 meters long. Therefore to find the cubic centimeters, we will multiply the three together: 5 x 10 x 12 = 600 cubic centimeters. This will give the volume of air in an empty box.

cubic centimeter

Converting Cubic Centimeters to other units

In many situations, we need to convert cubic meters to or from another unit of measurement of volume. For example, we need to convert from cubic centimeters to gallons.

  1. Cubic Centimeters to Cubic Feet:

To convert cubic meters to cubic feet, we simply need to multiply the number of cubic meters by 0.0000353147.

Thus we need to know the cubic feet of a bookcase. As per the description, it is 0.85 cubic centimeters. To find the cubic feet, we will multiply this number by 0.0000353147. So, 0.85 × 0.0000353147 = 0.00003001749 cubic feet is the value.

  1. Cubic Centimeters to Cubic Yards:

One cubic centimeter is equivalent to 0.00000130795 cubic yards. Thus, to convert cubic meters to cubic yards, simply multiply the number of cubic meters by 0.00000130795.

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Some Different Unit Conversions

Cubic centimeter formula for different units

  1. \(\frac{Cubic centimeters}{1,000,000}\) = cubic meters
  2. \(\frac{Cubic millimeter}{1,000,000,000}\) = cubic meters
  3. Cubic Centimeter × 0.0610237 = cubic inches
  4. Cubic inches  × 16.3871= cubic centimeters
  5. \(\frac{Cubic feet}{35.315}\) = cubic meters

Solved Examples

  1. Convert 256 cubic cm to cubic m.

Ans: \(\frac{256 cubic cm}{1000000}\) =  0.000256 cubic m

  1. Convert 100 cubic cm to cubic yards.

Ans: 100 cubic cm × 0.00000130795 = 0.000130795 cubic yards.

Solved Question for You

Q.1: Convert 25 cubic centimeters to cubic inches.

Ans: 25 cubic centimeter × 0.0610237

= 1.52559 cubic inches

Q.2: Convert 1.3 cubic inches to cubic centimeter.

Ans: 1.3 cubic inches × 16.3871

= 21.3032 cubic centimeter.

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