Judgements is a section of the reasoning ability in the IBPS PO, SBI PO, and RBI exams. It has also been asked in other graduate level exams. You must have learnt in school to never be judgemental of others. That will change here. In the Judgements section, a fictitious scenario is presented to you. Your job is to take reasonable and logical steps or judgements that suit the condition of the events. Here in this section, we shall see some examples and get acquainted with the concepts of Judgements section of the IBPS and other related exams. Let us begin!

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Judgement is a process where you will have to work step by step, using logical reasoning and common sense to get to a conclusion that affects the events. For example, if I give you a dozen apples that are red and ripe. Next, I ask you to decide if the apples are right for a pie or a pickle. What would you answer? Clearly, you will say that since the apples are ripe and red, they are probably very sweet.

Sweet apples are ideal for a pie and not for pickles. Therefore, the decision or the judgement is that these apples are ideal for a pie. Let us see an actual question that represents the questions that you shall see in the paper that you will be attempting.

Sample Example

Example 1: Alladin is planning a surprise birthday party for his friend’s 25th birthday. He wants to celebrate a memorable evening with his friend, but his friend is a very shy man who would rather spend the evening at home playing video games than go to a fancy restaurant for any dinner. Which restaurant should Alladin choose, if any?


A) Ahmad Bhai’s Bry and Dry – fine South Indian cuisine and an elegant Malayali decor. Customers will feel as though they’ve spent the evening in a luxurious South Indian villa.

B) Mainland China’s Buffet is an all-you-can-eat family style sandwiches with the best fried-rice and rolls in town.

C) The Persian Heaven – a famous Parsi restaurant where customers are treated like Sultans. Chef Rustumjee is famous for his mutton biryani.

D) Bhau’s Vada Paw serves delicious, hearty meals in a wonderful environment that reminds people of a homely leisure-filled evening.

Answer: Since Alladin’s friend likes to stay indoors, the most reasonable place will be the one that makes him feel comfortable and at home. Since all the other places are too vibrant or too flashy, the only reasonable choice here will be D) Bhau’s Vada Paw serves delicious, hearty meals in a wonderful environment that reminds people of a homely leisure-filled evening.

More Expected Examples

In the following questions, a scenario has been presented. Read it carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Example 2: Seema is looking for a radio jockey to work on her radio show called Seema Rockerz. The show is focussed on the issues and troubles faced by the elderly. She is looking for a passionate and dedicated candidate. The applications that she receives are all very good. The show is live and will be aired every night at around 11 pm to 12 pm. Which of the following candidates are suitable for the job of the radio jockey?

A) Ravi – Ravi is a 17-year-old who has recently finished his studies and will be taking a one year break from studies. He loves to work as a radio jockey and is available to work throughout the night.

B) Mukesh – Mukesh is a college student who can work night shifts. During his spare time, Mukesh works at the Old age home near his college to support his education.

C) Sita – Sita is a 67-year-old lady who suffers from mild Alzheimer’s. She is the head of the Alzheimer’s support group of her locality.

D) Ali – Ali is a 34-year-old doctor who has dedicated his career to the service of the elderly. Ali works at the bone and joint hospital for the elderly and will be available for two hours each night.

Answer: From the passage, pick the most important qualities and tally those with the applicants. The applicant that checks against the most number of desirable qualities has to be picked. Let us see each option one by one:

A – Ravi: Although Ravi is young and seems dedicated, he doesn’t seem to have any experience with the elderly. So this is not correct.

B – Mukesh: This candidate is available for night shifts and has experience of working with the elderly. But his job is to support his education and not out of passion. So he is also not suitable.

C – Sita: The candidate is too old and not physically fit to hold a job.

D – This candidate seems to be the perfect person for the job. Hence the answer is D) Ali.

Practice Problems

Q 1: The teachers of a school want to hold an essay competition. The topic of the essay has to be such that it resonates with the current affairs going around in the country. At the same time, they want to highlight the issues facing the environment. Which of the following topics is suitable for the test?

A) New Forest Policy Act.

B) Upcoming Elections and Their Expected Results.

C) Drought And Its Prevention.

D) Panchayat Elections And Farmer Issues.

Ans: A) New Forest Policy Act.

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