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Short Speech on Hindi Diwas

India is one of the most diverse countries in the whole world. India has a number of religions, customs, traditions, cuisines, and languages as well. The Hindi language is one of the most prominent languages of India and as per the records of the year 2001. There were about 26 crore native speakers of the Hindi language in India. However, this makes it one of the most widely spoken languages in India. In our country, the Hindi language is the language that everyone easily understands and speaks. Hindi is also compulsory in the schools for studying up to class 10th.

hindi diwas speech

The Hindi Language got a high status in India on September 14, 1949, when it was accepted as the official language of India. September 14 is also the day that we celebrate as the official Hindi Diwas in India. Today, Hindi is having the tag of “Rashtra Bhasha” of the nation.

History of the Hindi Language

The literary history of the Hindi language dates back to the 12th century. Meanwhile, the modern incarnation of the Hindi language that is mostly in use in the current time, dates back to about 300 years ago. We celebrate the Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm in the educational institutes, schools, colleges, and also in the government offices. In today’s highly commercial environment where people are not ready to remember their roots, Hindi Diwas plays an important role.

It does not just encourage people to remember their roots but also propagates as well as promotes the Hindi language. Moreover, there are millions of people that feel ashamed to speak and talk in their mother tongue i.e. the Hindi language. Hindi Diwas also plays a significant role in realizing us that the Hindi language is one of the oldest and most ancient and influential languages in the whole world and as such we should feel proud in speaking in our mother tongue i.e. the Hindi language.

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Nationalizing the Hindi Language

Earlier in the year 1917, Mahatma Gandhi underlined the importance of the Hindi language at a speech. He offered it at the Gujarat Education Conference that was held in Bharuch. At that particular conference, Mahatma Gandhi said that since the majority of Indians are speaking the Hindi language, we can adopt it as the national language of our nation. He further underlined the importance of the Hindi language. He did so by stating that we can also use it as a religious, political and economic communication link as well.

The Hindi language is the language of the learned and many literary works are in the Hindi language. The Ramcharitmanas is one of the greatest literary works that we have with us in the Hindi language. The writer of this book is Goswami Tulsidas, in the 16th century, and it represents the story of Lord Rama. Some other works in Hindi are also there with us such as the Madhushala by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Nirmala by Shri Munshi Premchand Ji. In addition to Chandrakanta by Devaki Nandan Khatri Sir, and many are there in India that are composed in the Hindi language.


Overall we know that the Hindi language is one of the oldest languages. Further, it is a successor of the Sanskrit language. The Hindi language comes from the branch of the modern Indo-Aryan languages. However, Hindi has seen many changes in it in the past and finally, it is evolving in its current form. In fact, the Hindi language was elected as the official language of India, along with the English language. As it was the one and only language in the country which has the capability to unify the entire country.

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