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My School Speech for School Students

Short Speech on My School

Every school is special in its own way and the same is with my school as well. It is a place where people from different backgrounds and temperaments come together with the purpose to learn. It offers magic in the form of experiments in laboratories, sports in the field, creativity in the art room and more. Schools are a place where we get to make friends, learn new things and grow every day. In fact, it is so hard to imagine a world without schools. They are the first place where we learn about life and many other things. Similarly, my school plays the same role in my life.

My School Speech

My School’s Uniqueness

I study in a convent school which has centuries-old buildings. It has two buildings which divide into the senior category and junior category. The red walls of my school are the trademark of our uniqueness. They are renowned all over the city and have been so for many years.

Every school carries some uniqueness in some way and so does my school. It is the only school in the whole city to cover the largest area. Moreover, my school produces the highest number of toppers in the board exams.

Other than that, the big playground of my school has the most modern swings which the kids absolutely love. In addition, the science lab of my school has all the gear and equipment one requires to successfully carry out experiments.

Another accomplishment of school is that it has got the largest library in the whole town. It consists of every book you can ever think of in many languages and genres. Most importantly, my school’s staff is very loving and inspirational. They love and care for us like their own children.

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My Second Home

It would be only fit to call my school my second home. After all, it is the place where I spend most of my time after my home. Not only that, the atmosphere in my school is so comfortable that it makes me feel at home.

I have always loved attending school and never miss out on an opportunity to do so. Further, it is my second home also because I have my friends here who are nothing less than family to me. Thus, they make my school life easier and full of joy. It is truly a blessing to have them in my life.

Most importantly, my school is my second home because it teaches me a lot of things each day. It is a safe space that allows me to grow every day and reach greater heights. As you all know, we have our parents and older siblings at home who protect us at all times.

Similarly, at my second home which is my school, I have my teachers and seniors. They make sure I reach my full potential and encourage me to do the right thing always.

Therefore, I will forever be grateful to my school for being a pillar of strength in my life. Everything that I learn here stays in my mind and heart forever. One day I will have to bid farewell to these beautiful red walls and inspiring teachers, but it won’t change anything. It is so because my school is a part of who I am and it’ll always remain the same for my entire life.

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