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3 Minutes Speech on Cleanliness for Students

Short Speech on Cleanliness

Hello everyone, I am here to present a speech on cleanliness. In India, it is a saying that goddess Laxmi ( the goddess of wealth and money)  resides where the cleanliness persists. Thus, cleanliness and hygiene are always a priority and important in Indian culture. Also when we see a place or home which is clean it gives us visual treat and pleasure. Cleanliness is also important to maintain good health and quality lifestyle. Cleanliness can also be attributed to a habit of successful people. Next to hard work, cleanliness tells a lot about a person’s character.

speech on cleanliness

With the coming of the new government in the country since 2014, cleanliness is given priority on the whole new level through “Swachcha  Bharat Mission”. The “ Swachacha Bharat Mission” has targeted to clean the country by the year 2030. Also, our national leader  Shri  Mahatma Gandhi has always preached every citizen of the country to maintain cleanliness in their surroundings.

Why Maintain Cleanliness?

It is no rocket science to understand that cleanliness is very important in maintaining the health of the family members and the whole nation. As lack of cleanliness and hygiene gives rise to a number of germs. This leads to several deadly diseases ultimately affecting the health of the overall nation. Thus to lead a healthy lifestyle we need to adopt cleanliness in our daily routine.

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How to Maintain Cleanliness?

We  should  follow  and   teach our  younger  generation to follow  some basic steps  to maintain cleanliness  on day  to day  basis  like:

  1. Brushing teeth before eating anything in the morning.
  2. Always wash hands after using the toilets.
  3. Always wash hands before eating anything.
  4. Wear washed clothes.
  5. Always use dustbin to throw the garbage.

Other than these, the females and other members in the house should maintain cleanliness by washing the vegetables before use, cleaning house floors daily with disinfectants, etc. Maintaining human health and hygiene is important but maintaining environmental cleanliness is also equally important.

Maintaining  Environmental Cleanliness

The earth is our home. It provides us with many things of our daily use as food, water, and air. Thus,  we should consider it as our home and become responsible for maintaining its cleanliness. Due to continuous population explosion, we can see here and there, packets of food, plastic beverages bottles, littering, pollution which is making our earth dirty. The environmental cleanliness can be enhanced by adopting measures such as usage of dustbin while traveling or using roads, avoiding spitting and throwing garbage in the surroundings, avoiding usage of plastic bags,  and adopting measures of recycling.


Cleanliness is not only a  necessity but it can also become a habit. A  responsible person is also a clean person. By adopting cleanliness in our home and surroundings, we will contribute to building a healthier nation. A smile is contagious so is cleanliness. When you see a person or a home clean, it also motivates you to clean your surroundings. Thus, we should encourage a number of people to adopt cleanliness measures by mouth publicity or doing awareness camps through advertisements, banners hoarding, etc, spreading awareness on less use of plastic, spreading awareness on the use of recycled products and biodegradable products. With a collective effort, we can achieve cleanliness and in turn, we can get good health and happiness as a reward.


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