Speech for Students

Speech on Fashion for Students and Children

Speech on Fashion

A very warm welcome to all the teachers and students present in the auditorium. I am here to deliver a speech on fashion. Fashion is something means to follow or apply new and different styles of clothing, hairstyles or body language by different ages of people. Mostly college students prefer being fashionable. It relates to all ages of individuals also male or female in different behavior. Everyone thinking that fashion only means to show glamour. In some societies, fashion and clothing indicate rank or status. It is not an individual choice but is a group choice e.g. changes in style, accessories, colors, etc.

Speech on fashion

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In India student are very particular about fashion. Mostly girl’s fashion is too trendy and advances than any others. Fashion is not only limited to the dressing style. Fashion includes the house they live in, what they eat, hobbies, etc.

People always try to dress in the latest styles. They care so much for their outsiders that they don’t have time to get into their innards. They visit beauticians commonly for facials but never visit libraries. There has to be the right balance between being fashionable and what is good for people.

Source of Fashion

In India people were affected and inspired by western culture in a matter of fashion. Fashion comes from these four major cities in the world. These are New York, London, Paris, and Milan. These city crowd fashion weeks here where top designers apply. These cities show their new collection on top models worldwide.

In India glamorous industry and entertainment industry are the new trends of fashion. Fashion designers apply their new ideas of clothing, makeup, and hairstyle on actors, and actresses. Later on, this becomes the new trend of fashion and followed by millions of youngsters.

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Style of Fashion at different places in India

In India, basic fashion follows in the different cultural outfits of different states. A number of the cultural fashion trends of major states are In North India, sarees and salwar suits are preferred by girls and women. In South India, ladies wear kanjiwaram saree on the occasion of the wedding and men wear a type of sarong with shirts.

In Punjab, a salwar suit is the wear for girls and women and men wear a pathani suit with a colorful turban, etc. Fashion makes you feel special and confident. Youngsters are influenced by new fashion which gives harmful effects. Girls have to face some critical offense due to their unfit dressing style.


I would like to conclude by saying that being trendy and fashionable is just your wish; no one forces you to do it. What type of fashion you prefer according to place and requirement is your own decision. In India, a glamorous world and style of fashion affect many people.

People tend to forget our traditions and culture because of fashion. Changes in our attitude and physical attitudes make us confident. At the same time, it affects us badly too our culture and traditional morals and views. Following and applying fashion in life is not awful until it does not influence or impact badly on others.


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