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Speech on Importance of Water for Students and Children

3 Minutes on Speech on Importance of Water

Respected all! Today I have been blessed with this opportunity to deliver my speech on importance of water. I feel thankful to entire management here for giving me such an honor. Everyone knows that water is the soul of our life. It is the most basic need for our survival, safety, progress, and development. It is a sacred, natural and easily available resource. But, do we care about the proper use of water? Aren’t we are becoming reckless towards its use? Can we imagine our life without sufficient water? In fact, no one can live without water. Though we all acknowledge the fact yet we all misusing it mindlessly without caring.

Speech on importance of water


As we all know that 97% of water available on earth the salty ocean water. And 2% of water is in the form of glaciers and polar ice caps. Thus only 1% of water is available to drink. The only resources of freshwater are glaciers, rivers, lakes, under rocks and natural waterfalls. Considering the growing world’s population and water needs, this water will soon go dry, if no immediate and enough measures are taken to conserve water.

Uses of Water

Water plays an impotent role in the field of agriculture. Irrigation is possible with the help of water. Water is useful for various domestic uses like washing clothes, bathing, cooking, etc. Water is helping for balancing the ecosystem. A

lso, it is useful in many industries like the steel industry, fertilizers, chemicals, cement, paper, etc. Through water, we are also generating electricity. Water is an essential source of fish, wildlife, and recreation. A human can live without food for some days but cannot live without water.

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Wastage of Water

It is quite disheartening to see the misuse of water. We misuse water heavily in households, industries and even in the agriculture field. Before talking about steps to save water, let us see the areas where we are misusing water-

  • In houses for our daily routine works.
  • In Schools, hospitals, industries, and offices.
  • At recreational and amusement parks, restaurants, malls, etc.
  • In old technique based agriculture.

How to help with Water Conservation?

Following are the ways to save water:

  1. We may conserve water by preventing water leakages in our taps, hand pumps, water storage tanks, etc.
  2. We should educate our children as well as community members about the importance of water conservation.
  3. At the community level, various seminars and public gatherings should be organized to raise the issue of water-saving.
  4. We have to follow the latest agricultural methods and technology to avoid heavy water needs.
  5. In fun parks, big malls and clubs we have to ensure that water should not misuse. People should be careful and aware of the value of water.
  6. We should use social media and the internet for broadly covering the water issues and its safety and preservation policies.


Now we can easily understand that water is a scarce and limited resource as well it is very necessary for our life. Therefore we must use and utilize water in a very significant, planned and conservative manner. So, friends, please give a call to your conscience and start applying the water conversation methodology in our day to day life.

Also, think about the future generation and the world ahead. Our children shouldn’t inherit a world where the water is almost no more available.

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