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Hydrazine Formula

What is Hydrazine?

Hydrazine refers to an inorganic compound that is a simple pnictogen hydride. Furthermore, it is a flammable liquid that is colorless and has an ammonia-like odor. Hydrazine is highly unstable and toxic. Experts mainly use hydrazine as a foaming agent in the preparation of polymer foams. This article deals with hydrazine formula.

Hydrazine Formula

This inorganic compound is a reducing agent and a highly reactive base in many medical and industrial applications. Also, hydrazine happens to be a key building block in the preparation of multiple heterocyclic compounds through condensation with a range of electrophiles that are difunctional.

Derivation of Hydrazine Formula

The chemical formula of hydrazine happens to be \(NH_{2}NH_{2}\). Furthermore, the molecular formula of hydrazine is \(N_{2}H_{4}\). Moreover, the molar mass of hydrazine happens to be 32.04 g/mol.

The chemical structure of hydrazine consists of two \(NH_{2}\) groups that have a covalent attachment. Also, each of the \(N-NH_{2}\) groups adopts a pyramidal shape.

Properties of Hydrazine

Hydrazine in its colorless form has a colorless appearance. Moreover, it is fuming oily liquid that gives an ammonia-like odor. Hydrazine tends to explode during the distillation process if there is a presence of air traces. Furthermore, this compound can be toxic to the body in case inhalation or skin absorption takes place.

During combustion, hydrazine gives out toxic oxide of nitrogen. Experts use this compound in fuel cells and as a rocket propellant.

The boiling point of hydrazine occurs at 113.55 °C.  Furthermore, the melting point of hydrazine happens to be at 1.54 °C. The flashpoint of hydrazine occurs at a temperature of 40 °C. Hydrazine is a compound that is very soluble in water. Moreover, hydrazine is very soluble in methanol and ethanol.

This compound is miscible with ethyl, methyl, propyl, and isobutyl alcohol. The compound happens to be slightly miscible with hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons. When hydrazine comes into contact with chloroform and ether, it is insoluble.

The density of hydrazine is 1.0036 g/cu cm. Furthermore, the relative vapor density of hydrazine is (air = 1) 1.1. 14.4 mm Hg at 25 °C happens to be the vapor pressure of hydrazine. LogP -2.07 is the octanol/water partition coefficient of hydrazine.

When it comes to stability, this compound is thermally unstable. Moreover, one can store this compound for years if it is sealed in glass and kept in a dark, cool place.

Uses of Hydrazine

The majority usage of hydrazine takes place as a precursor to blowing agents. Specific compounds include azobisisobutyronitrile and azodicarbonamide, which generate 100–200 mL of gas per gram of precursor. In a related application, the formation of sodium azide is from hydrazine by reaction with sodium nitrite. Sodium azide is a gas-forming agent for the purpose of air-bags.

Experts also use hydrazine as a propellant onboard space vehicles, such as the NASA Dawn probe. Furthermore, experts also make use of hydrazine to reduce the concentration of dissolved oxygen concentration in large industrial boilers. Hydrazine also controls the pH of water used in large industrial boilers. The F-16 fighter jet and U-2 spy plane make use of hydrazine to fuel their emergency power units.

Hydrazine happens to be a precursor to many pesticides and pharmaceuticals. These applications often involve the conversion of hydrazine to heterocyclic rings like pyridazines and pyrazoles.

Hydrazine compound is an important ingredient in combination with various agricultural chemicals like nematicides, fungicides, attractants,  insecticides, miticides, antiviral agents, herbicides and plant growth regulators.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is hydrazine and its molecular formula?

Answer- Hydrazine refers to an inorganic compound and pnictogen hydride that is flammable, colorless, and an ammonia-like odor. Furthermore, the molecular formula of hydrazine is \(N_{2}H_{4}\).

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