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Nitrogen Dioxide Formula

This article will explain Nitrogen Dioxide and its formula. This gas is an extremely poisonous chemical. It can be useful as an inhibitor. It is a pollutant that absorbs UV light and hence does not allow it to come to the surface of the earth. This chemical compound is paramagnetic in nature and it contains two oxygen atoms connected to one nitrogen atom. Students will learn the Nitrogen Dioxide formula with examples. Let us begin it!

Nitrogen Dioxide Formula


Nitrogen Dioxide Formula

What is Nitrogen Dioxide Gas?

It is also termed as Nitrogen oxide or Deutoxide of nitrogen. It is one of the major atmospheric pollutants which helps to absorb UV lights. This oxide is a yellowish-brown liquid in its compressed form or reddish-brown gas form. Its vapors are much heavier in comparison to air.

This chemical has the bond angle \(134.4 ^{\circ}\) C, whereas the distance between nitrogen and oxygen atoms is 119.7 Pico meter. It has a pungent and acrid smell. It is a toxic chemical when inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Nitrogen dioxide gas is Non-combustible, but it enhances the burning of combustible materials.

The formula for Nitrogen Dioxide

Its chemical molecular formula is :


It has one N atom in bonding with 2 O atoms. Its density is 1.880 gram per cubic dm, Its boiling point is \(21.5 ^{\circ}\)C and the melting point is \(-9.3 ^{\circ} C\).

Some common uses of \(NO_{2}\)

  • Nitrogen dioxide is useful as an intermediate in the production of nitric acid.
  • It is useful in the manufacturing of oxidized cellulose compounds.
  • It is useful as a catalyst and as an intermediate in the production of sulfuric acid.
  • Also, it is useful as an oxidizer for rocket fuels as well as a nitrating agent.
  • It is useful as an oxidizing agent.
  • Nitrogen dioxide is also useful in the making of explosives.

Some Chemical Properties of Nitrogen dioxide

  1. It exists in an equilibrium state with dinitrogen tetroxide gas. Its equation is:

\(2 NO_{2} \rightleftharpoons  N_{2}O_{4}\)

  1. Due to the weakness of the N – O bond, this chemical is a strong oxidizer.
  2. Hydrolysis reaction produces nitrous acid with nitric acid. Its equation is:

\(N_{2}O_{4} + H_{2}O \rightarrow HNO_{2} + HNO_{3}\)

  1. It is a negligibly slow reaction at low concentrations of nitrogen dioxide.
  2. Corresponding nitrites are formed by alkyl and metal iodides.

Solved Examples

Q.1: Why Nitrogen Dioxide is useful. Find out its molar mass.

Solution: Nitrogen dioxide is the chemical compound and it is is one of several oxides of nitrogen. It is an intermediate in the industrial synthesis of nitric acid, millions of tons of which are produced each year. It is primarily useful in the production of fertilizers.

Its Chemical formula is:


So, its molar mass will be:

The atomic mass of \(N + 2 \times atomic mass of O\).

= \(14.0067 + 2 \times 15.999\)

=46.0055 gram per mole

Thus the molar mass of it is 46.0055 gram per mole.

Q.2: What are the health hazards issues of Nitrogen Dioxide?

Solution: Severe exposures of Deutoxide of nitrogen is very much fatal. When in contact it may cause a burning sensation to eyes and skin. When it is in liquid form then it causes frostbite. It is reported to react with the blood to form chemical methemoglobin. When it was heated then it decomposes and hence releases toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides.

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