Speech for Students

Speech on Travel and Tourism for Students and Children

Speech on Travel and Tourism

In today’s world, almost everybody chooses to travel and tourism as their leisure. Traveling is a good way to learn about the world. Also, it teaches us many interesting things about the cultures of different nationalities. Read Speech on Travel and Tourism here.

Speech on Travel and Tourism

In addition, we also travel to meet our family or relatives that live in another city or country. Moreover, we also travel to find better jobs and opportunities. It is the best option for a person who wants to do some sightseeing or just wants to relax.

Besides, our choices depend upon the weather, personality, and of course the money. Because a person who leads an active life will not go to the seaside for traveling. We also travel for pleasure on expeditions and for visiting tourist places.

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Touring and Tourism

We can define tourism as traveling to various popular tourist and heritage locations in the state, country or anywhere in the world. It helps us to learn the history and cultural heritage of the place that is passed on to the people from generation to generation. It helps us to learn the heritage and culture of our own land too.

We enjoy tourism because each place provides us with a unique experience and various different facilities. All the facilities like the hotel, conveyance, restaurants, and public transport, etc. need to be booked in advance.

For making your trip more relaxing, all you have to do is book all these facilities well in advance. It costs a lot but is worth every penny you spend on it as it relaxes the mind, body, and soul.

Also, we learn a lot about different cultures, practical issues, and interacting with people of multiple backgrounds and manners.

In India, tourism is not convenient and as easy as that in developed countries. Moreover, there are many limitations that the ministry of tourism should correct so that the tourism industry can bloom and make profits for the economy.

Besides, many foreigners are not interested in Indian tourism because of the risks of infection and dirtiness.

Niche Tourism

This concept has emerged in recent years, it counter-point to what we referred to as ‘mass tourism’. Niche tourism signifies diversity and ways of making differences. Moreover, it plays on pejorative connections that have accompanied the evolution of mass and package tourism.

It is often cited as the negative impacts in relation to socio-cultural disturbance and environmental degradation. On one hand, the destination managers and planners seek to utilize tourism as a mechanism for economic development.

While on the other hand, a niche tourism approach appears to often greater opportunities and tourism, which is sustainable. More capable and less damaging to the environment.

Types of Niche Tourism

We can broadly divide niche tourism into three components namely: cultural tourism, environmental tourism, and rural tourism.

Cultural tourism is the subgroup of tourism that concerns the culture, precisely the lifestyle of people of that particular area, history of people, their art architecture, etc.

Environmental tourism or nature tourism provides an opportunity to visit undisturbed natural areas, beautiful views, and to observe the plant and wildlife.

Rural tourism showcase the rural life art, culture, and heritage in rural regions of the country, thus benefiting the local community socially and economically.

To sum it up, we Indians’ love to travel and that’s why we visit various pilgrimage centers and big towns and cities. However, tourism to isolated heritage centers is perhaps not our first choice. But it is enough that we boast ourselves of India and its greatness.

Nonetheless, we do not visit our own monuments and heritage to remember our ancestor’s great deeds and constructions.

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