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Computer Organization

IBPS recently introduced a new topic called computer aptitude. It is important that you prepare this section well. It is one of the topics asked in the computer section and is very important. So let us study Computer organization in detail.

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Computer organization

The questions from computer organization usually test the basic knowledge that one acquires at the beginning of computer learning. It also tests the knowledge of candidates on various computer parts and their functioning. The computer system is formed when 2-3 parts combine and perform individually as well as coherently.

Computer organization

                                                                                                                                                Source: Flickr

You will have various sets of questions in this article which can help you ease the pressure for this section. You can also practice the questions at the end. The computer consists of many different parts of input units, output units, memory units, etc. And we will discuss with you in detail about each of these parts.

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Output units

Output units allow the computers to send the data to other users. Usually, a display device is considered as the output unit because it displays the texts, graphics, and other information. The common examples of output units are speakers, monitors, printers, etc.

Input units

The devices that are used to convey the information to the computer are called input devices. The primary examples of input units are a keyboard, pointing devices, audio/video devices, etc. With the help of input unit, a user can transfer the data to a computer for storing, displaying and processing data.

Some of the functions of input devices:

1. Pointing devices: This will allow you to point to the software on the computer and open it. It will interact with the graphical interface.
2. Keyboard: It will send the various alphanumeric data into the computer.
3. Audio/video devices: It will allow you to input the sound and pictures into the computer.


CPU is known as the brains of the computer. Without CPU a computer cannot work. It allows the computer to interpret and execute the various data through software and hardware. There are three various functioning of CPU. They are:

1. Memory unit
2. Arithmetic-logic unit
3. Control unit

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Solved Questions – Type I

Q. Which of the following device is the example of a trackball?

A. Output device                 B. Printing device

C. Programming device     D. Pointing device

Ans: The trackball is used in mouse and therefore is an example of a pointing device. The correct answer is D

Q. Out of the given options which term is related to the printer?

A. Cartridge                        B. Keyboard

C. DVD                                D. None of these

Ans: The cartridge is related to printer. An inkjet cartridge or ink cartridge is a component of the ink printer that has ink used on paper during printing. The correct answer is A.

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Q. =Sum (D4: D10) is an example of

A. Cell address                 B. Formula

C. Function                      D. Value

Ans: This is an example of formula. It is used in excel to get the sum of the required range. The correct answer is B.

Solved Questions – Type II

Q. Pokemon Go app, which became very popular in 2016 and made people wander around their towns so that they can collect pokemon to score points which confine the game by interacting with the characters, and then making progress in virtual environments by going to real-life places. What type of technology was related to the game?

A. Artificial Intelligence           B. Sleeker

C. Virtual Reality                       D. Augmented Reality

Ans: The correct answer is D Augmented Reality is a type of technology that can superimpose a virtually created image on a user’s view of the original world.

Q. Whose main purpose out of the following is to stop the unauthorized access to the computer via the internet?

A. Firewall                                B. Spyware blocker

C. Popup blocker                    D. None of these

Ans: A firewall can act as a barrier between the untrusted and trusted network. It keeps in check the access by controlling through a positive control model. This ensures that only trusted traffic is allowed on the network which is pre-defined by the firewall policy; other traffics are denied. These firewalls can be implemented in software as well as hardware and combination of both. The correct answer is A.

Q. In advertising like entities in order to facilitate mail to many addresses, which is the system that is used to automatically add the addresses and names from a database like letters and envelops?

A. cc                                          B. Bcc

C. Mail merge                        D. New

Ans: Through mail merge, you can create multiple documents at once. All these documents will then have the same text, graphics, layout, and formatting. Specific sections can vary and can be personalized. The correct answer is C.

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Practice Questions

Q. ________ menu is also known as the drop-down menu.

A. cascading              B. Pull-down

C. Fly-out                   D. Pop-up

Answer: B

Q. The first microprocessors that were developed by Texas Instruments and Intel Corp. were mainly used to control small ________.

A. Calculators          B. Microwave ovens

C. Robotics              D. Personal Computer

Answer: A

Q. Out of the following which printer uses a combination of electrophotographic and laser-beam techniques?

A. Daisy wheel       B. Dot-matrix

C. laser                    D. None of these

Answer: C

Q. What is the process of writing down computer instructions known as?

A. assembling      B. coding

C. executing         D. Compiling

Answer: B

Q. Name the system from the following that can adjust and learn on its own as per the circumstances.

A. Neutral networks             B. Geographical systems

C. File-based systems          D. Database management system

Answer: A

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