Basics of Computers

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some Keyboard shortcuts that everyone can use so that it becomes easy to do your desired tasks. The shortcuts are useful in performing basic tasks as well as complex tasks. Also, these shortcuts are not easy to remember. That is why we have compiled a list of useful shortcuts for you to go through.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

                                Keyboard shortcuts

This is the list of shortcuts that can be helpful in performing basic computer tasks with ease. Also, these shortcuts can be asked in the exams. Below we have also provided a list of useful shortcuts for MS Excel.

Keys Functions
CTRL + F Use this to search some word
CTRL + ESC list of the task (Start)
ALT + ESC use this to move from window to window
CTRL + END us to move to the end of file
CTRL + F5 For thumbnail file window
ALT + SHIFT for switching between languages
CTRL + U the line under the text
CTRL + X Cut
CTRL + C Copy
CTRL + Z Undo
CTRL + V Paste
CTRL + A Select all
ALT + S for formatting list
CTRL + ENTER starts a new page
CTRL + F6 used for moving between files
CTRL + F2 for previewing the page before printing
SHIFT + F10 digital and bullets
ALT + ENTER for repeating the last process
ALT + TAB used when many windows are open and you need to choose the required window
CTRL + END Latest document
SHIFT + F1 information about the type of coordination
CTRL + I Slash
F12 Save As
SHIFT + F12 Save the file
CTRL + H Replacement
CTRL + B black line
[+ ALT List Table
CTRL + S for saving the work done
ALT + F4 useful for closing the windows
CTRL + K Document Format
CTRL + P Print
CTRL + F4 Exit from the file
CTRL + N New File
CTRL + O open area
CTRL + E Center text
ALT + J Help Menu

MS Excel Shortcuts

Ctrl + 1 Use in opening the format cell window
Ctrl + A For selecting all the content
Ctrl + B  make the selected content bold
Ctrl + U underlines the content selected
Ctrl + K inserts the link
Ctrl + P use for opening the print window
Ctrl + S saves the worksheet
Ctrl + ; for entering the current date
Alt + = for creating a formula to sum the above cells
Ctrl + F10 maximizes the current window
Ctrl + F6 For switching between two opened workbooks.
Ctrl + Shift + ; entering the current Time
Ctrl + I makes the selected content Italic
Ctrl + Home for moving the cell A1
Ctrl + Page Down for moving between the two opened worksheets
Alt + Shift + F1 used for adding a new worksheet
Ctrl + Z To undo the action
Ctrl + F3 opens the excel name manager
Ctrl + F9 minimizes the current window
Shift + F3 for opening the excel formula window
Shift + F5 opens the search box.
F2 edits the selected cell.
F3 used for pasting names after creating the name
F4 for repeat action
F5 for going to specific cell
F7 for checking the spelling for selected text

Practice Questions on Keyboard shortcuts

Q. Which key is used as a shortcut for opening a new window document?

A. Ctrl + S

B. Ctrl + F

C. Ctrl + N

D. Ctrl + T

Answer: C. Ctrl + N

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