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Operating Systems

Operating Systems are a recent addition to the IBPS exam system. They form an important part of the computer awareness of the banking exam. In the following section, we will learn all about the various operating systems of a computer. We will also learn about the several features of the operating systems and their impact and use in the world of computers.

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Operating  System

An operating system is a virtual environment or in other words part of the software of the computer which acts as an interface between the user and the computer. The meaning of being an interface can be understood as follows. Consider the circuitry of the computer as the body of a human being. This person will do everything you ask it to do. It can perform calculations, do complex mathematics and sing songs for you but the only thing is that it doesn’t understand you. There is no way you two can communicate.

So what can happen, even when the person has a huge potential ability to help you, the person would not. Sos2 in order to access this potential ability of the person to do jobs for you, you need to develop a language, a method of communication, an interface that tells the person what you want and tells you what the person is saying. This interface will be the operating system for you two.

Functions and Features of OS

OS is used in short for the operating system. The function of an operating system is mainly to provide an environment that connects the user and the computer. Further, it helps the user to manage and utilize different components of the hardware of the computer. It analyses the condition or in other words the health of the various components of the computer. Displays output in an intelligible form and most importantly it provides an environment for all the other software programs of the computer to run.

The operating system is the soul of the computer. Any program that works on a computer must interact with the hardware with the help of the OS. The operating system allocates jobs and tasks to the hardware and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.

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Different Kinds of OS

Operating Systems

Following is a list of OS that was developed during the various years of computer development. These dates and names are important with respect to the banking exams.

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OS Developer Date of Release
mac OS Apple 2001
Android Google 2008 – present
MS-DOS Microsoft 1981
Windows 1.0 Microsoft November 1985
Windows 2.03 Microsoft December 1987
Windows 98 Microsoft June 1998
NetWare NetWare 6.5SP8
2010, Production Closed
Firefox OS Mozilla 2013
Unix Bell Labs 1969

Types of OS

There are many types of OS available for the users. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Batch OS: In a batch OS the users don’t feed the input directly into the computer. In other words, the users don’t directly interact with the OS. They upload their data onto an offline device like a punch card and then this device interacts with the OS. This is one of the most primitive kinds of the OS.
  2. Single User OS: These operating systems are intended to be used on a personal computer. That is an OS that is designed in a way that it can handle one computer or one user only is known as the single user OS>
  3. Multiple User OS: This kind of OS is used to control many devices at the same time. It has man terminals or points from where different users can interact with it at a given time.
  4. GUI based: GUI means the Graphics User Interface based. In these OS, the user interacts with the OS through a graphical interface that can be understood easily. Examples are the Windows, Mac and Android OS.

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When a computer starts, the OS has to be loaded first because it has to control all the other functions of hardware and software of the computer. This process is called booting. During booting the OS loads all the hardware and software applications that are preinstalled in the memory of the computer.

Now let us see some questions that may be asked in this section of computer awareness.

Q 1: _________________ allocates memory and other resources in a computer.

A) CPU                B) ALU                  C) OS                      D) RAM

Answer: If you read what was written above, you wouldn’t hesitate to answer this question as C) Operating System.

Q 2: Pick the odd word out of the following:

A) DOS             B) OS          C) S          D) Mac

Answer: DOS, Mac, and OS represent the same thing. Thus the correct option here is C) S.

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Practice Questions

Q 1: Pick the odd word out:

A) Software               B) Hardware               C) CPU               D) Netware

Ans: D) Netware

Q 2: In the following question, pick the choice that will fill the gap perfectly:

Firefox: Mozilla, Mac: Apple, Windows: Microsoft , _______

A) Unix: Bell Labs           B) Android: Netware       C) Windows: Vista              D) Mac: safari

Ans: A) Unix: Bell Labs

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