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So the fact that you are on this topic means that you know what reading comprehension is. We all are introduced to reading comprehension from early years in school and initially, it’s just a narrative that we read and there’s not much science or technicalities we are taught about when it comes to the structure of a reading comprehension. But as we dig deeper, we realize there’s a structure to ideas and their flow in these comprehensions we read.

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Even in non-reading comprehension exercises, when you are just reading, it always helps to understand what a reading structure generally is. Drawn below is the outline of what a structure in reading comprehension consists of:

  • Description: The author describes a topic.
  • Sequence: The author uses numerical or chronological order to list items or events.
  • Compare/contrast: The author compares and contrasts two or more similar events, topics, or objects.
  • Cause/effect: The author delineates one or more causes and then describes the ensuing effects.
  • Problem/solution: The author poses a problem or question and then gives the answer.


The ability to identify and analyze these text structures in expository texts helps readers to comprehend the text more easily and retain it longer. To achieve better results, it is highly recommended to introduce and work on reading comprehension structures.

Reading comprehensions: structure

At all times look for the major characteristics that are in the structure of a reading comprehension:

  • The main idea or primary purpose
  • Information that is explicitly stated
  • Information or ideas that can be inferred
  • The meaning or purpose of words or phrases as used in the context
  • The organization or structure
  • The application of information in the selection to a new context
  • Principles that function in the selection
  • Analogies to claims or arguments in the selection
  • An author’s attitude as revealed in the tone of a passage or the language used
  • The impact of new information on claims or arguments in the selection

And in order for you to exceed at Reading comprehensions, following are some of the major skills that are good to have in Reading Comprehension passage:

  • Good Vocabulary to know the meaning of words
  • Ability to know and understand the meaning of a word relevant to the context in Reading Comprehension passage
  • Understand the Reading Comprehension passage organization and Identify antecedents and references in the Reading Comprehension Passage
  • Ability to draw inferences from the RC passage about its contents and understand and identify the Central Idea (Main Thought) of RC passage
  • Understand the Questions based on Reading Comprehension passage and recognize the directly or indirectly used answer in the RC Passage after identifying the Tone, situations mood, Purpose of the Reading Comprehension Passage

That sums up our chapter on the structure in Reading Comprehension passage. Have fun with exploring these Structure in Reading comprehension.

Solved Question for You

Q. Identify the sentence (B) that fits logically between sentence (A) and (C) from the options given below:

A. Imagine a five-year-old composing music and playing on a child-size violin.
B. ___________________________________________
C. He was a young genius who grew up to be one of the most creative composers of all time.
  1. This was something Morzat did
  2. It is strange to find such a phenomenon
  3. The child must have been genius
  4. This is something impossible for us to think of.

Solution: I. This was something Morzat did.

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