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500+ Words Essay on Save Girl Child

Essay on Save Child: The existence of human life on the earth is impossible without the equal participation of both women and men. They are equally responsible for the survival of the human race on the earth. They are also liable for the development and growth of a nation. However, the existence of the woman is for more important than men. Because without her we cannot think about our existence. So, to save humans from extinction we have to take measures to save girl child.

It’s a common practice in India where people abort or kill girl child on birth. But, they should be saved given equal opportunity, and respect and opportunity to go ahead in life. Apart from that, the fate of civilization lies in their hand as they are the root of our creation.

save girl child

Why does the Girl Child Need Saving?

There is various evil in our society; one of which happens to be the desire to have a boy. In Indian society, everyone wants an ideal mother, sister, wife, and daughter. But they never want that girl to be his blood relative. Besides, there are other social evils in society that forces many parents to avoid having a girl child. These other social evils are dowry deaths, female feticide, and some others.

What Girls Can Do?

Although girls are ahead of boys in many fields but still people prefer a boy child. Girls have proven themselves better in every field than boys. And due to their hard work and dedication, they have been to space also. They are more talented, obedient, hardworking, and responsible for the family and their life. Besides, girls are more caring and loving towards their parents. Above all, they give 100% in every work.

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Following are the Steps Taken by the Indian Government to Save Girl Child

For saving girl child the government has taken many initiatives and launched many campaigns to save them. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Save the girl child) is the most recent initiative started by the government to actively encourage people to save the girl. Apart from that, many NGOs, companies, corporate groups, human rights commission run various campaign to save girl child.

The crime against women is a big barrier to the development and growth of the country. However, the government takes this problem seriously and for stopping female feticide they have banned the sex determination ultrasound, amniocentesis, and scan tests in the hospitals and labs. The government takes all these steps aware society that girls are a gift of God and not a burden.

Our Participation

For saving girl the first step starts with our own home. We should encourage our family members, neighbor, friends, and relative to save them and make other people aware of it. Also, we should cheer our family member to have a girl child rather than a boy.

A girl child deserves a life where she is treated as equal to a boy. And she should be loved and respected like others. She participates in the development and growth of the nation equally. Besides, she works hard for the betterment of society and country. They have also proven their worth and stand equal to boys in every field. Hence, they deserve to survive as their survival means the existence of the human race.

FAQs on Save Girl Child

Q.1 Why the girl child needs saving?
A.1 Girls are very strong and determinant and can take care of themselves. But, due to social evils and unawareness, people kill them that’s why they need saving.

Q.2 Which initiative is taken by the government to save girl child?
A.2 The most recent initiative by the government is Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao which aims to save and educate the girl child.

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