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500+ Words Essay On My Village

My Village Essay- My village is a place that I like to visit in my holidays or whenever I feel tired and want to relax. A village is a place that is far away from the pollution and noise of the city. Also, you feel a connection with the soil in a village.

Moreover, there are trees, a variety of crops, diversity of flowers, and rivers, etc. Besides all this, you feel the cold breeze at night and a warm but pleasant breeze in the day.

My Village Essay

The Facts About the Village

Around more than 70% of India’s population resides in villages. Likewise, villages are the main source of food and agricultural produce that we consume. After independence, the villages have grown much in both populations as well as education.

Village peoples are more dedicated to their work then the people of the city also they have more strength and capacity then urban area people.

Moreover, the entire village lives in peace and harmony and there is no conflict of any kind. Villagers come forward in each other sorrows and happiness and they are of helpful nature.

Most importantly, you can see stars at night which you no longer see in the city.

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Description of My Village

My village exists in a low lying area that has a warm summer and a chilly winter. Mostly I visit my village in summers because of the holidays. Although the village is far cooler than the city during the summer. Also, you do not need air conditioners in a village because of the breeze. In a village you see greenery and almost every household has a minimum of one tree in their courtyards.

Moreover, summer is a season of harvest so I have rarely seen any crops. Besides, earlier there was to be more kutcha house (houses made of mud and bricks) but now the scenario has changed and the number of pakka house (made up of concrete and other material) has increased. Also, the people of the village are friendlier than the people of the cities.

In addition, the thing that I like the most about my village is the fresh and revitalizing air. The air gives a feeling of refreshment even if I have slept for 4-5 hours. Most importantly, at night I see and count stars which I can’t do in the city.

Importance of Village

Villages existed in India from ancient times and they have been dependent on each other for the demand and supply of goods. Likewise, they contribute a lot to the growth and development of the country. India is a country who depends on agriculture more than its secondary and tertiary sector.

Also, India is the second most populated nation of the world and to feed this big population they need food which comes from the villages. This describes why they are important to us and everybody.

In conclusion, we can say that villages are the backbone of the economy. Also, my village is a part of all the villages in India where people still live in peace and harmony. Besides, the people of the villages are friendly and lives a happy and prosperous life as compared to the people of urban areas.

FAQs about My Village

Q.1 What is the best thing about the villages?
A.1 There are many good things about villages such as fresh air, rivers, trees, no pollution, the earthy smell, fresh and organic food, and many more great things.

Q.2 Do villages lack in development?
A.2 No, villages have developed quite well also they are developing at a pace faster than the cities.

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