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Water is probably the most precious resource for everyone. Without water, there certainly would have been no life on Earth. This shows why water is so vital for life. However, the importance of water is not restricted to that. Water is certainly very important for the planet Earth as well. Most noteworthy, wastage of water is quite harmful to the environment and nature.

Save Water Save Earth Essay

Why Saving Water is Important for Earth

First of all, saving water would result in reducing droughts around the world. Furthermore, the groundwater level would remain more or less sufficient. Most noteworthy, there would be no shortage of water. This would significantly increase the chances of survival of animal species. Moreover, living beings would greatly benefit as they will have a suitable amount of water to drink. The extinction of many species could be prevented. This is because these species won’t have to struggle or suffer to find water.

Reducing water usage would certainly help in the conservation of energy. Furthermore, energy is required to process and deliver water to our homes, offices, farms, etc. Most noteworthy, when this energy is used to process water, lot pollution is produced. Consequently, due to less water usage, less energy will be used which in turn would lead to less pollution.

Another important benefit of saving water is preventing desertification. Most noteworthy, the abundance of water would mean more trees and plant cover. This is because plants require water to survive. Due to the deficiency of water, many plants and trees would end up dying. All of this contributes to desertification. Hence, saving water would help in eliminating desertification and returning the green cover of the Earth.

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Ways of Saving Water

First of all, reducing the bath or shower time is a very important way of saving water. Moreover, during bath/shower there is wastage of plenty of water. Hence, people must shorten their baths/showers.

Secondly, people must check their toilets for leaks. This is because many toilets leaks can easily go unnoticed. This certainly results in wastage of water.

Individuals must turn off the tap when brushing teeth. Moreover, many individuals have a bad habit of keeping their taps on throughout the brushing period. This certainly causes a significant loss of water.

Watering of lawns should take place only when absolutely necessary. Most noteworthy, many individuals have a bad habit of watering their lawns twice a day. Moreover, watering should not take place on rainy seasons. In winters, watering once in a fortnight is more than enough.

There should be a high focus on growing more drought-resistant trees and plants. Most noteworthy, many beautiful plants and trees thrive without irrigation. This would certainly result in saving water.

Finally, there should be the implementation of strict laws for corporations and factories. Most noteworthy, these laws should be regarding water usage. Furthermore, many factories use a ridiculously high amount of water. Moreover, this huge amount of water is required for various types of’ processes. So, the government must make laws. Also, these laws must clearly specify the maximum limit of water usage. Tough punishments should be meted out in case of breach of law.

To sum it up, water is crucially essential for our planet Earth. Already significant damage has been to the environment. Furthermore, humans have been quite reckless when it comes to the value of water. Hence, it is high time that people realize the imminent danger of wasting water.

Some FAQs

Q1 Mention one way in which saving water would be beneficial for Earth?

A2 One way in which saving water would be beneficial for Earth would be the prevention of desertification.

Q2 Explain one way of saving water?

A2 One way of saving water is reducing the bath or shower time.

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