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Books and Authors questions are among the most common questions in many exams that test the general awareness of a candidate. We publish several books each year and even each month. To get a complete list of every book that we have thus far is not only not necessary but also very difficult. However, from an exam point of view, we can say that certain books which are famous or are important in some respect or the other, are of utmost importance. In the following section, we have compiled a series of such books. We will also include questions from past papers. We will see descriptions for solutions and names of the most important books for our exams. Let us begin by listing several books and their authors in the below sections. Later we will move onto the solved examples and practice questions.

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Books and Authors

Let us start with some of the autobiographies of some of the most influential and famous people of the world:



Title of the book Author
Wings of Fire A P J Abdul Kalam
Truth Love and little Malice Khushwanth Singh
The Race of My Life Milkha Singh
My Country My life L K Advani
One Life Is Not Enough Natwar Singh
The Test of My Life Yuvraj Singh
An Autobiography Jawaharlal Nehru
Playing it My Way Sachin Tendulkar
A Shot at History Abhinav Bindra
Straight From The Heart Kapil Dev
The Z Factor Subhash Chandra
Mein Kemph Adolf Hitler
My Experiments with Truth M K Gandhi
My Brief History Stephen Hawking
Moon Walk Michael Jackson
The Snowball: Warren Buffett and Business of Life Alice Schroeder
The Score of My Life Zubin Mehta
Long Walk To Freedom Nelson Mandela
Faster Than Lightning: My Autobiography Usain Bolt
Wasim: Autobiography Wasim Akram
Controversially Yours Shoaib Akhtar
It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back to Life Lance Armstrong
The Autobiography of An Unknown Indian Nirad C Chaudhuri
Dreams From My Father Barack Obama
On Writing Stephen King
My Days R K Narayan
Revenue Stamp: An Autobiography Amrita Pritam
The Fall of a Sparrow Salim Ali

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Other Books

Following are some of the questions that were present in the previous year papers of certain graduate level exams. These are either book/author questions or famous quotations from these books:

Previous Year Questions

“A Thing of Beauty is Joy Forever” John Keats
Playing it my way Sachin Tendulkar
The song “Vande Mataram” has been taken from ______? Anandamath (Vande Mataram is a poem written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay in the 1870s, which he included in his 1881 novel Anandamath. It was made into a song by Rabindranath Tagore)
Who is the author of the book Meghdoot? Kalidas
________ is regarded as the Patron of Sangam Literature of the Ancient Kingdoms of South India? Kadalapirakottiya Chenkuttuvan
_________ is the author of the book Arthshastra? Kautilya
Name the author of the book Ashtadhyayi? Panini
Whose book is Amar Sonar Bangla? Rabindra Nath Tagore
Name the author of the book – Codex: The Lost Treasure of the Indus Aditi
Which of the four Vedas is related to lyrics? Samaveda

Famous Books

Title of the book Name of the author
For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights Salman Rushdie
My Unforgettable Memories Mamata Banerjee
The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making & Unmaking of Manmohan Singh Sanjaya Baru
Kurukku Faustina Bama
Shah Nama Firdausi
The Castle Franz Kalka
Apple Cart G. B. Shaw
Man and Superman G. B. Shaw
All About H. Hatterr G. V. Desani
Arms and the Man G.B.Shaw
Kanterbary Tells Geofray Chosar
Silas Marner George Eliot
Animal Farm George Orwell
Nineteen Eighty-four George Orwell
Tughlaq Girish Karnad
Faust Goethe
Pareja Gopinath Mohanty
Budhosagor Dhukhor Geisha Aru Mohammed Musa  Indira Goswami
Mamore Dhora Tarowal Aru Dukhon Uponyas Indira Goswami
Invisible Man H.G. Wells
Datal Hatir Une Khowa Howda Indira Goswami
Grand Delusions: A Short of Biography of Kolkata Indrajit Hazare
Tej Aru Dhulire Dhusarita Prishtha Indira Goswami
 A Woman’s Life Guy de Maupassant
Time Machine H.G. Wells
To all fighters of freedom, Why Socialism? J. P. Narayan
Shape of things to come H.G. Wells
Jinnah- India, Partition, Independence Jaswant Singh

To prepare fully, you can easily compile a great big list of books and their authors. One memory trick to not forget is to learn a bit about the book and the author. You can easily do that by using google. Type the name of the book or the author and search. You will be able to easily form a memory map of several books and authors that way.

Pay special attention to religious books, political biographies and landmark books (best sellers, award-winning books etc.). Compile such lists and start preparing for the exams through mock tests.

Practice Questions

Q 1: Bama Faustina Soosairaj, is a Tamil, Dalit feminist, committed teacher and novelist. Which of the books has she written?

A) Budhosagor Dhukhor Geisha Aru Mohammed Musa                       B) Pareja                     C) Mamore Dhora Tarowal Aru Dukhon Uponyas                 D) Kurukku

Ans: D) Kurukku

Q 2: Who is the author of the book The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making & Unmaking of Manmohan Singh?

A) Sanjaya Baru                        B) Indira Goswami                         C) Kadalapirakottiya Chenkuttuvan               D) Rabindra Nath Tagore

Ans: A) Sanjaya Baru

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