Important People

International Personalities

In this section, we are going to discuss some influential and important International Personalities. These International Personalities are selected on the basis of several factors like fame, influence and most importantly, their contribution to the society. These are people who have pioneered their respective fields. People who have revolutionized their fields of study or work, people who have changed the course of history in their time. People who have been the harbingers of hope and justice for others. Let us try and state some of these important international personalities.

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International Personalities

Here we will list the top personalities of the world. let us start with a list of women who changed the course of history. We will list their names and their respective achievements below:

Important Women

International Personalities

Indira Gandhi (1917–1984): She was the third Prime Minister of India, and was in office from 1966-77 and 1980-84. She is highly regarded as the “Iron Lady Of India” and was very influential in shaping a post-war Indian constitution and society.

Benazir Bhutto (1953–2007): Benazir was the Prime Minister of Pakistan until her assassination. She was also the first woman to lead a Muslim state.

Mother Teresa (1910–1997): The saint of Kolkata, as she was known to many, was a nun and charity worker. She dedicated most of her life to helping the poor and removing poverty from many sections of the society.

Anne Frank (1929–1945): A Jewish diarist who documented her life in hiding in an Amsterdam attic during the Nazi occupation. Anne Frank later died in a Belsen concentration camp and her diary was found after the war ended.

Angela Merkel (1954– present): Angela Merkel has been chancellor of Germany since 2005 and the de facto leader of the European Union during the financial crisis.

Marie Curie (1867–1934): Marie Curie was one of the greatest scientists of her time. She was a Polish physicist and a chemist. She is also the first person to win the Nobel Prize in both Chemistry and Physics.

Helen Keller (1880–1968):  Helen Keller became deaf and blind when she was 19 years old. She was an author, political activist and lecturer. She is also the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.

Wangari Maathai (1940–2011 ): Wangari Maathai was a Kenyan born environmentalist and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.

Shirin Ebadi (1947– present): She is an Iranian lawyer and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2003.

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People Who Changed The World

George Washington (1732 – 1799) – George Washington was the leader of the US forces during the American Revolution and the first President of the United States.

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883) – Karl Marx is regarded as the greatest philosopher the world has ever seen. He advocated equality in the society and the abolition of money.

Orville and Wilbur Wright [Orville (1871 – 1948) – Wilbur (1867 – 1912)] – The brothers invented and flew the first aeroplane.

Genghis Kahn (1162 – 1227) – Genghis Khan conquered all of the known world at his time. Modern genetics tells us that one among every 200 humans can trace their lineage directly to the great Kahn. He was a great military and political leader of the Mongols.

Adam Smith (1723-1790): Adam Smith was a Scottish social philosopher and the pioneer of classical economics.

John Dalton (1766 – 1844): Dalton was an English chemist and a physicist. He stated the first complete atomic theory.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 –- 1821): He was a great French military and political leader.

William T.G. Morton (1819 – 1868): William T. G. Morton was an American dentist who pioneered the use of the anaesthetic.

Guglielmo Marconi (1874 – 1937): He was an Italian engineer who helped develop radio transmission. Some even credit the invention of the radio set to him.

Adolf Hitler (1889 – 1945) – Hitler was the dictator of Nazi Germany and pushed the world into the second world war.

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) – Leader of Parliamentarians in English civil war.

Alexander Graham Bell (1847 – 1922) – Scottish inventor of the telephone.

Alexander Fleming (1881-1955) Scottish biologist who discovered penicillin.

John Locke (1632-1704) English political philosopher. Locke promoted a theory of liberal democracy and a social contract.

Werner Heisenberg (1901–1976) German theoretical physicist – one of the pioneers of Quantum mechanics

Rene Descartes (1596 – 1650) French philosopher and mathematician. “I think, therefore I am”.

Let us explore some National Personalities here. 

Preparation Tips

A casual browsing session over the internet will tell you that there are many more people that we may add to the list. For example, we could add all the Nobel laureates or all the scientists or all the authors. The number seems very large and perhaps too large. However don’t lose focus, remember that there is another section that we dedicate to the study of people who receive awards or authors or writers.

However, it is advisable to not spend much of your time on this section. You should form a basic list of people that you will not forget. Again, we would suggest doing a detailed reading of the people. That way you will not forget them easily. You may also pick ten people from each country, every day and learn about them. However, like we said, this section should not dominate your preparation time.

Practice Questions

Q 1: Of the following people, ________ can be regarded as the father of Modern Physics?

A) Rene Descartes                   B) Nikola Tesla                      C) Werner Heisenberg                      D) Alexander Graham Bell

Ans: C) Werner Heisenberg

Q 2: Who among the following wrote the book “Das Capital”?

A) Vladimir Lenin                     B) Karl Marx                         C) Friedrich Nietzsche                       D) Sigmund Freud

Ans: B) Karl Marx

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