National Events

National Events Practice Questions

National Events Practice Questions section will focus on the topics like Political Events, Non-Political Events, Important Venues, Important Days, the election, Political Parties and National Terms, Committees and Sports Events. Here we shall see many such questions and also practice the concepts of major and important events in India, about which we have learnt in the topics of this chapter. Let us see more.

National Events Practice Questions

Political Events And Elections

Q1: The Presidential Elections that elected Ram Nath Kovind as the President of India were held on?

A) 5th August 2017                B) 15th August 2016             C) 8th July 2017             D) 27th July 2017                 E) None of the above

Q2: When did the Punjab Legislative Assembly elections end?

A) 4th February 2017            B) 5th February 2017           C) 6th February 2017                D) 7th February 2017                E) None of the above

Q3: The Manipur Legislative Assembly elections held in 2017 were won by which party?

A) A A P                  B) I N C                   C) B J P                 D) C P I (M)            E) None of these parties

Q4: Which of the following people were elected as the Vice President of India on 5th August 2017?

A) Basappa Danappa Jatti                        B) Shankar Dayal Sharma                 C) Mohammad Hamid Ansari                   D) Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu                 E) None of the above

Q5: The Uttrakhand Legislative Assembly Elections held on 15 February 2017 were won by which of the following parties?

A) B S P                B) R J D (U)              C) B J P        D) T M C              E) I N C               F) None of the parties mentioned won

Q6: Which of the following events occurred on 8th November 2016?

A) Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu got elected as the Vice President of India.

B) The government of India withdrew high denomination notes from circulation (demonetisation).

C) The black money in Swiss bank accounts was retrieved by the Government of India.

D) I S R O launched the first space laboratory of India known as A S T R O S A T.

E) None of these.

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: A), Q2: A), Q3: C), Q4: D), Q5: C), Q6: C)

Non- Political Events

Q1: Who among the following people won gold at the Salt Lake World Cup in individual recurve final in archery on 25th June 2018?

A) Abhinav Bindra                 B) Nirav Modi                   C) A K Gujral                 D) Sonali Bindra             E) Deepika Kumari            F) There was no such event

Q2: On what date did ISRO launch 31 satellites which included 29 satellites from others countries, through PSLV C-38?

A) 20th August               B) 23rd June                       C) 3rd July                     D) 13th March                 E) None of These

Q3: How many satellites did I S R O launch on 15th February 2017?

A) 60 major satellites and 2 small satellites.

B) 17 major satellites

C) 100 satellites onboard the Russian Space Launch Vehicle (R S L V).

D) 104 satellites on board, a flight of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (P S L V).

E) None of the above.

Q4: Which of the following events rolled out on Ist July 2017 in India?

A) Implementation of the land reforms.

B) Waiving of farmer loans owing to the high suicide rates.

C) Diversion of funds from the defence budget to the eradication of poverty in India.

D) Replacing fifteen different taxes with a uniform G S T (Goods and Services Tax)

E) The election of President Ram Nath Kovind as the 14th President of the Republic of India.

Q5: Which of the following journalists was shot dead allegedly by four men linked to the radical right-wing outfit Sanatan Sanstha and its sister outfit Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (H J S)?

A) Shujat Bukhari                  B) Gauri Lankesh                C) Navin Nishchal             D) Sudip Datta Bhaumik        E) Sandeep Kothari              F) None of the above

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: E), Q2: B), Q3: D), Q4: D), Q5: B)

Sports Events

Q1: Which of the following teams won the I P L 2018?

A) Chennai Super Kings                B) Royal Challengers Bangalore            C) Kolkata  Knight Riders                D) Kings X I Punjab                  E) None of the above

Q2: Which of the following countries hosted the Common Wealth Games for the year 2010?

A) U S A               B) K S A               C) India                D) Islamic Republic Of Iran                     E) None of these

Q3: Which of the following stadiums hosted the Field Hockey World Cup held in 2010?

A) Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi, India              B) Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

C) Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, United States Of America             D) Dhyan Chand National Stadium, Jhansi, India

E) None Of The above

Q4: Between whom was the last Champions Trophy Match of the cricketing world played?

A) Australia and India               B) Australia and Sri Lanka                 C) India And Sri Lanka                  D) India and Bangladesh                E) India and Pakistan

Q5: Which country hosted the 17th FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017?

A) The United States Of America                  B) K S A                   C) India               D) China            E) Croatia

Find Your Answers Here

Q1: A), Q2: C), Q3: A), Q4: E), Q5: C)

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