Superlatives and First In India and World

Superlatives: India and World

There are some important landmarks in the world, that have significance in our history and our present. Knowledge of these landmarks is essential to enhance our general knowledge and understand their importance. Let us get started and see some superlatives of the world and of India.

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Superlatives of the World

Burj Khalifa - Important Landmarks(Source: homeaway)

Let us stand with the geography of the world. The largest continent as we all know is Asia, and the smallest is Australia. Did you know Australia is both a country and a continent? The biggest country, area wise is Russia. The smallest country is Vatican city. It is only 0.44 km in the area!

Let’s move to some interesting geographical features. Like the longest river in the world is the Nile, while the largest is the Amazon river in Brazil. The longest river dam is actually in India in Odisha known as Hirakud Dam. The largest dam is in China, the Three Gorges Dam which is 630 feet high.

Now we move on to superlatives that have cultural significance. The biggest museum in the world is in London, the British Museum. It is the permanent home of some 8 million artefacts! The biggest library in the world is the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. in the USA. It holds some 16 million books, from the first ones ever printed to current mystery novels.

In architecture, you probably know that the tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The tallest statue in the world is that of the Spring Temple Buddha in China, it measures in at 420 feet. The largest wall we all know is the Great Wall of China.

Superlatives of India

We now move our attention to some of the superlatives of India. Did you know that apart from being its most important river, Ganges is also the largest river in India? Also, the largest delta of not only India but the world is the Sunderbans in West Bengal. It is so beautiful that it is considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

India is the home to the Himalayas as well. The tallest peak in India is the Kanchenjunga, with an elevation of 8586 meters above sea level. And the biggest lake in India is the Wular Lake in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a freshwater lake and gets its water from the Jhelum river. Surprisingly the largest saltwater lake is in Rajasthan, the Sambhar lake.

Moving onto the pride of Indian transport, the railways. The longest train journey is from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kanyakumari, the tip of the country. The train covers some 4233 km and takes a little over 3 days of the journey! The longest railway platform in India is at Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. The longest road in India connects Kolkatta to Delhi, known as the Grand Trunk Road.

India is a fairly religious country full of places with religious importance. The biggest temple in India is the Sri Ranganathasvamy Temple. The biggest church is the Saint Cathedral at Goa. And the largest mosque is situated at Delhi, the famous Jama Masjid. All these are important landmarks in our country.

Solved Question for You

Q: Which is the highest award given in India?

The Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award in the country. It is awarded to those who have performed exceptional service or for any performance of the highest order. It was last awarded to Madan Mohan Malviya for his contribution to our freedom struggle. Sachin Tendulkar has also been a recipient.

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