Statistics is all around you. Did you know there are so many daily things in your life that are made easy and exciting by statistics? Without statistics, you wouldn’t have all the stats on your favourite football player, or track your progress in your exams, or have weather forecasts etc without the correct application of statistics.

Statistics is both a science and an art of collecting, organizing, presenting and making predictions from numerical data for the purpose of making an informed decision. So lets us learn some exciting concepts related to statistics.

Q. What exactly is statistics in maths?

A. Statistics in math refers to a discipline that deals with data. It involves the identification, collection, organization, and analysis of data. Furthermore, it also involves the interpretation and presentation of the data.

Q. Why do we need or require statistics?

A. The knowledge of statistics is very important in various fields. This knowledge gives us the appropriate methods to collect the data, conducting analysis, and effectively presenting the results. Statistics happens to be a crucial process behind the various discoveries that have taken place in maths and science. Moreover, it allows one to make decisions on the basis of data.

Q. Give some examples of statistics?

A. Consider a random sample of 100 students from a school that has 1000 students. Here, the average height of the students will be a good example of a statistic. Another example would be the average grade point average. In fact, any measurable characteristic here would be an example of a statistic.

Q. Is statistics in maths difficult?

A. Statistics is not hard because it is a matter of science and logic. Statistics concepts are used on a daily basis like mean, median, and standard deviation.

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