Different Sources of Water

Sources of Water

Water is an essential part of our lives. We need water for the smooth functioning of our lives. However, there isn’t much water left on the planet which is capable of consuming. The sources of water are also running out to s great extent. We must recognize these signs and learn how to restore these sources of water for a better future.

Four Sources of Water

While there are some of the sources which we easily recognize, there are many which are not that obvious. These sources are depleting gradually and posing a great threat to life on earth.

When we understand the various sources of water, we will recognize how limited freshwater is. No matter how much water is present on earth, a little amount is only suitable for consumption.

sources of water

Ocean Water

We know that oceans are a great source of water. However, what most people do not know is that while it contributes to 97% of the water, the water is not feasible to consume directly.

The ocean water contains a large amount of salt and impurities. It requires a number of processes like desalination to make the water fit for consumption.

Furthermore, we can also apply reverse osmosis as well. We can easily remove salt and the other particles using many ways. But, this method is quite favourable.

The saltwater goes through microscopic pores filters to eliminate any salt or microbes from it. However, it is a very expensive procedure due to the large energy required.

Thus, we see that ocean water is surely in abundance. But, it requires a lot of energy and capital to get filtered. Therefore, it is not easy to consume.

Surface Water

Surface water is quite a broad term when we look at it. It consists of any above-ground water which gets collected. For instance, we have ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans and more.

Surface water is the most used source of water. It accounts to at least 80 per cent of the water used by living beings.

The underground aquifers also contribute to maintaining the level of surface water. While surface water is easily accessible and found in abundance, we have been misusing it for a long time now.

The rivers and oceans are getting polluted due to religious practices and industrial waste. Therefore, we need to carefully this water as it won’t last long.

Ground Water

When we say groundwater, we mean the source of water which is found beneath the layer of soil. It exists in the soil and between rocks and other things. Groundwater contributes to 30% of water which we use in our daily lives.

Nowadays, almost everyone is installing a submersible pump at their house. Moreover, pollution and seawater contamination has led to its depleting.

It has indeed become a matter of concern because of overuse. If everyone keeps using it for personal purposes at this speed, the groundwater level will soon drop and we won’t be able to recover it.

IceCaps and Glacial Melting

The ice caps and glaciers are great sources of water. However, the process of making it fit for consuming is too expensive. Nonetheless, these ice caps and glaciers have at least 70% of the water which we may consume.

Moreover, these substances are very important for regulating the climate of the earth and its temperature. Therefore, we need to preserve them for a better future.

Solved Question for You

Question- Which of the following is not a source of surface water?

A. Rivers
B. Lakes
C. Groundwater
D. Ponds

Answer– The correct answer is Option ‘C.’

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