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Speech on Christmas Day for Students and Children

Speech on Christmas Day for Students and Children

Christmas Speech – We also know Christmas as the ‘feast day of Christ’. It is a Christian holiday but we all celebrate it with great joy and happiness. On Christmas day we honor the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Christian religion, people believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God for years.

Besides, other religions in India celebrate it as a cultural holiday in the month of December. It occurs in the winter season and everyone eagerly waits for it to come.

Speech on Christmas Day

Every year we celebrate it on 25th December and for Christian, it is the most important day of the year for which they do a lot of preparation and decorations. They decorate Christmas trees, prepare Christmas cards, gifts and who can forget the Santa Clause, etc. all these matters a lot on this occasion.

Preparation for Christmas

Christmas is very important in Christian culture for which they prepare in advance. Furthermore, they also celebrate the festival of Easter to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

People start to prepare for Christmas, which they call advent, and it begins on Sunday, four weeks before Christmas. In addition, the whole season of Christmas is known as Christmastide that ends on 6th January, which means on the 12th days of Christmas. During which people remember epiphany.

Most importantly, the largest community of Christians’ lives ion Mumbai where Roman Catholics can be found; thy make the festival a glory of India in the winter season.

On the eve of Christmas, a midnight mass is considered as the most essential service for Christians, especially for the Catholics. During this, all the family members go to the mass and enjoy a massive feast of different delicacies.

They also give and take gifts to each other. Moreover, they enjoy decorating Churches with poinsettia flowers and candles, especially for the Christmas Eve midnight mass service.

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Greeting Each Other

While Christmas occurs on 25th December but people start to greeting each other from few days before Christmas by saying and wishing each other in advance. They greet each other by saying happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, Christmas Mubarak, Subh Christmas, etc.

By giving gifts to each other and through Christmas cards. Also, they decorate the Christmas tree in the house or in the garden is the main tradition and custom of this festival. Furthermore, they decorate the Christmas tree with lots of colorful orbs and many more decorative items.

Moreover, people decorate their homes and churches with candles, electric bulbs and many more items. Besides, the Christians that live in the Southern part of India celebrate Christmas a little differently.

They lit some oil burning clay lamps on their rooftops to symbolize that Jesus Christ is the light of the whole world. In addition, they sing a particular song known as the carol singing and perform other rituals in the church.

Moreover, there are some places where people follow the tradition of cutting the cake to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ. However, Christmas is incomplete with talking about Santa Clause who comes after midnight through the chimney with a lot of gifts for children and distributes it among them.

Also, the Catholics follow a tradition of fasting where they keep fast and do not eat from 1st to 24th December and eat only after the midnight mass service.

In conclusion, we can say that Christmas is the most important festival of Christians for which they prepare in advance. Also, the religions in India celebrate this festival with joy and happiness. Moreover, Christmas revokes the spirit joy and happiness and family get-to-gather among the people.

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