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Political Speech for Students and Children

Introduction to Political Speech

Many people may have a problem with properly understanding the term politics. Furthermore, people may understand this term in several conflicting ways. Some individuals define it as a greedy battle of power. In contrast, some define it as a way in which an individual converts the hankering of his community into achievement. Simply speaking, politics is a set of activities that are involved in the governance of a country, state, or region. Read Political Speech here.

Political Speech

Classifications of Politics

If I were to classify politics, then its classification can take place into three categories. Above all, the three categories are formal politics, semi-formal politics, and informal politics. When we talk about formal politics, then know that it means the operation of a constitutional system of government and institutions which are in relation to it.

Semi-formal politics deals with government associations like student associations or neighborhood associations. Finally, informal politics refers to everyday politics that consists of forming alliances, promoting particular areas and goals.

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Types of Political Organization

There certainly are many types of political organizations. Furthermore, such organizations include states, international organizations, and non-government organizations (NGOs).

Moreover, states are the institutional form of political governance that are predominant. Some of you may come into confusion regarding state and government. The difference between the two is that whereas a state refers to the institution, the government is the regime in power.

One can further classify states. Aristotle came forward with a classification of states into monarchies, timocracies, aristocracies, oligarchies, tyrannies, and democracies. However, in the contemporary world, such a classification is not very proper.

Politics is Power

One can say that politics is a way of exercising power. It is like a relationship in which one can influence the behavior of others. Furthermore, politics is the power relationship between two people in which one can compel another to undertake a course of action involuntary.

Moreover, when we talk about politics, the nature of power is an important matter. As such, we can identify three different dimensions of power when it comes to politics. Most noteworthy, these three dimensions are power as agenda, power as thought control, and power as decision making.

Power as decision making involves a specific plan that can alter the content of decisions. This means that power can push or pull someone against intentions. Furthermore, power as the agenda refers to the skill to deny decisions from being formulated.

Lastly, power as thought control refers to influencing the wants and needs of individuals. Power as thought control is certainly the most important power dimension when it comes to politics.

Political Values

Several different political spectra have been proposed by experts. The most famous one which I am sure you must be all aware of is the left-right political spectrum. As is the norm with politics, the meaning of left-wing and right has considerable differences between countries.

Generally speaking, right-wing values conservatism, tradition, and inequality. In contrast, left-wing values equality, progress, and egalitarianism. Some individuals claim themselves to be centrists and refuse to identify with either left or right. Also, many experts see centrism as a sort of an ideal political position.

Another important political spectrum is the authoritarian-libertarian. Furthermore, this deals with the amount of individual freedom each person enjoys in a particular society. Generally speaking, the association of authoritarianism is with strong central power and limited political and individual freedoms.

Moreover, libertarianism emphasizes civil liberties, individual rights, and political freedoms over the authority of any kind.

Many believe that the word politics is the most negative word in the English language. However, these people hate politics without really understanding what it is all about. I would like to say that politics is a very important aspect of humanity that cannot be discarded. Without politics, society and civilization will collapse.

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