Speech for Students

Speech on Article 370 for Students and Children

Speech on Article 370

Hello All. I am here to deliver a speech on article 370. This has been the most discussed topic in recent times. Since Independence, It gave special status to J & K. We all Indians use to subconsciously think about it, majority of us had apprehensions about it, we wanted it to be scrapped, we wanted it to get removed as it used to create discrimination between natives of J & K with rest of the Indians. Finally, it happened on 05.Aug.2019.  The government of India revoked it. Now all the Indians including J & K people are equal, all are now covered under the constitution of India. All of us now have a single nationality, single flag, and common laws.

Speech on Article 370

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Background of Article 370

 In 1947, when India was about to get freedom and when the British were leaving India, they give the freedom to all the kings in India to live wherever they wish to. This caused the formation of hundreds of provinces internally.

By the efforts of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, all those provinces agreed to unite to form a nation. But one province i.e. Jammu & Kashmir, which was ruled by the then king Hari Singh, was not ready to get united.

They did not want to get merged & wanted to maintain their identity as an independent province. Pakistan tried to acquire Kashmir forcefully by invading its forces in it in October 1947. Hari Singh asked India for help in fighting with the Pakistani army.

India did help under once condition that Kashmir needs to come with India. India did promise to give it a special status under Article 370 of the constitution of India.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Article 370

People in Jammu and Kashmir had dual citizenship, which is the citizenship of J & K as well as India. They had a different flag. The elections were conducted every 6 years in J & K. Criticising the Indian flag was not a crime in J & K. The rules of the Supreme court of India were not applicable to J&K.

If a Kashmiri girl married any man outside J&K, she lost her J&K citizenship. And if she married any Pakistani, then that man used to get J&K citizenship. The RTI act was not applicable to J&K. No reservations for minorities were there in J&K. No one outside J&K could buy land over there. Financial emergencies were not applicable to J&K.

Kashmir never faced the problem of over crowing or overpopulation, as no one from outside can get and settle into J&K. Employment opportunities were very low in J&K, and hence a lot of youth were heading towards terrorism.

Low GDP was there and corruption was very high. After independence, China had acquired 10% of Kashmir & Pakistan had acquired 30% of Kashmir. India has only 60% of Kashmir left with it. Article 370 was implemented as a temporary provision, that’s why India could scrap it, and hence could finally unify J&K with all the states.


Revocation of article 370  will have a positive impact. It can have many benefits, both to J&K people as well as to the rest of the Indians. J&K people will now have ample career opportunities. The business opportunities will increase. J&K girls can now freely marry to anyone in India. Their GDP will increase.

Other states people can now invest in J&K. They can set up manufacturing units, hence increasing job opportunities to J&K people.  Foreign investors were also eyeing on the scrapping of article 370, hence we can expect the increase in FDI in J&K. Let us all wish our India to be strongly unified & flourish.

Thank you for your precious time.

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