Speech for Students

Speech on Environment for Students and Children

3 Minutes Speech on Environment

Good Morning to one and all present here. I am going to present a short speech on Environment. Our environment consists of all living beings as well as their surroundings. A healthy environment is one that is sustainable for a long period of time. It is the source of life for everyone. It directs the life of everyone and determines the proper growth and development.

Speech on environment

The good or bad quality of our life is depending on the quality of our natural environment. Our need for food, water, shelter, and other things depends on the environment around us. There must be a balanced natural cycle that exists between the environment and the lives of human beings, plants, and animals.

Human society is playing a vital role in degenerating the natural environment which is affecting badly the lives on this planet. All the human actions in this modern world directly impact our ecosystem.  Many actions of us have brought big changes to this planet, resulting in many environmental problems. Increasing demand for technologies and industries is another important factor.

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Various Environmental Issues

There are many harmful effects of human activities on the environment. Some of these are pollution, over-population, waste disposal, climate change, global warming, and the greenhouse effect, etc. The big reason that poses a serious threat to our environment is the harmful gases in the air.

The uncontrolled use of automobiles has increased their effects, which in turn emits harmful gases like Carbon monoxide. The electronic appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators also contaminating air by the discharge of harmful substances. The diverse effect of these gases is causing air pollution as well as global warming.

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Deforestation is another major reason. The human population is increasing at a fast rate and therefore to meet their daily consumption we need to cut forests and trees. It may be for home or for fuel, but we are causing great loss to the environment.

Other factors are the depletion of natural resources like water, fuel, and food. On the other hand over-consumption of resources by humans and improper waste disposal have resulted in a huge quantity of solid and hazardous wastes. These wastes are other threats to the environment.

Solutions of the Problems of our Environment

Due to all the above human activities, our planet has reached unsustainable levels. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to lower the loss. Every individual can play a significant role in this solution.

For example, we should take a pledge to say ‘No’ to plastics. Instead of it, we may make use of Eco-friendly substitutes like paper and cloth bags.

The government of every country must implement strict laws for industries, those are releasing the toxic wastes for proper waste management. The awareness programs should be organized to encourage citizens to use public transport as much as possible.

Also, everyone must do plantation of trees. The less use of private vehicles will reduce the emission of harmful gases as well will save fuel resources.


In the end, I want to say that we must spread environmental awareness in our society as well as in our daily routine life. It is necessary to save and protect our environment. In my view, it is the responsibility of everyone to do our bit for the environment. Therefore, let us work together towards a greener and more sustainable future.


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