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Speech on Education System in India

3 Minutes Speech on Education System in India

Good morning one and all present here. I am going to express my views through my Speech on Education system in India. Education can make people easy to lead, but difficult to drive. Also, it makes easy to govern, but impossible to enslave. This is true, that without education a man is a shade better than an animal. Thus true education is the drawing out of the mental faculties and it is essential for leading a happy life.

Speech on Education system in India

India has a great heritage of knowledge. For many years, knowledge has been flowing throughout.  Many scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, and other professionals have done many kinds of research. They have made many inventions through education. The Indian education system is undoubtedly one of the oldest education systems in the world.

Current Scenario of Education in India

It is a fact that our education system in India is not the best one. Lack of reforms and improvements are making it quite boring and ineffective. Students are not taking much interest in studies. There are many factors that are leading this problem of students’ disinterest in education.

People are blaming this orthodox education system. The image of studies and education has been made so reflective by the system. Education is more exploration than slogging for passing examinations and tests. However, the current system of education appears to be a burden.

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Lack of Computer-based Education

The most burdensome aspect of our education system is focusing only on books and paperwork. I just wonder why schools are not making the education system paper-free! Education should be imparted through Computer Assisted techniques in today’s world. All tasks in the education system should be totally computerized.

Improvement in Indian Education System

The schools and teachers must not corrupt the joy-giving pursuit of education by putting unnecessary burdens of unnecessary rules. Teachers must intrigue the students towards the charms of education and learning as well as gaining the knowledge.

Teachers must expose and reveal to the students the thrill involved knowledge imparting process. Classroom learning must be more interesting than a boring experience.

Many policies have been introduced by our government to overcome the drawbacks of our education system. Therefore it is a great beginning. Although, education has come a long way and has still we need to do a lot more in the coming time.

There should be a foolproof system to track students’ commuting to the school. The sensors in the identity cards are capable to send automated SMS to the parents confirming the arrival of their children at the school. Also, teachers must make the learning experience very thrilling at school.

Education is much more charming and intriguing than the temptations of distractions unnecessary. Our education policymakers must look into the problem to make a better system that is more practical and provides hands-on learning to the students.


Thus it is the need of the hour if we have to safeguard our independence. Our country has witnessed how a few thousand Englishmen, had ruled here for over a hundred years. This was due to a lack of a true education system. We should not allow this to happen again, and this is possible only by having a suitable and perfect education system. The true education system would indeed make us master our destiny.

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