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English > Speech for Students > Speech on Happiness for Students and Children
Speech for Students

Speech on Happiness for Students and Children

Speech on Happiness

A very warm Good Morning to all the teachers and students present in the auditorium. I am here to deliver a speech on Happiness. What do you understand by the term happiness? Is it something that depends on external factors? How can one be happy in a true way?

Speech on Happiness


Well, happiness is a term which depicts an optimistic mental state. Happiness can have different meanings for different people. Some may find happiness in earning money and be called wealthy. However, others give importance to good health for being happy. Some others may feel content having good jobs and high repute. Others may consider the peace of mind and unity with the Almighty as the source of true happiness.

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Happiness Is External or Internal?

True Happiness is something comes from deep inside. It comes from our hearts. Although we feel that material things or pleasures can make us happy, it is not true. A person who is wealthy may or may not be happy. However, a person who is happy is always wealthy.

Happiness reflects one’s positive attitude towards life. Such a person strongly believes that whatever happens is for good. Even if he fails in life, he or she doesn’t blame destiny for it. Also,  such a person doesn’t lose hope. He is always hopeful.

An optimistic person will always be happy. Moreover, such a person will be able to find pleasure even in the pain. Also, a happy person doesn’t depend on others or external factors to make him happy. He will manage to be happy even in the worst situations.

Thus, we can conclude that happiness is an internal factor. It can be achieved by self-realization. Only by seeking unity with the Almighty, can one find true happiness.

How to be Happy?

No one can make us happy. We only are responsible for our happiness. Happiness is a choice. True happiness comes when we realize our oneness with God. In order to be happy, one must be grateful to God for the many things he has given us.

We should be happy for such a precious gift called life. Furthermore, It is not necessary to have many big things to be happy. A grateful person finds happiness even in small things in life. We should look at people below us and be thankful. Also, we should be grateful for the eyes. We can see the beautiful world around us.

Moreover, we must be satisfied in life. Hence, to be happy, we should lessen the burden of desires and expectations. We should not always crave for things. If our desires would not be met, we would become sad. Thus, optimism, self-realization, gratitude, and satisfaction are the major keys to happiness.


Thus, to be happy, one must first understand what real happiness is. Otherwise, one would spend his whole life in search of happiness. Also, we must not look for any special occasion to be happy. We must find joy in each and every moment of life. Your happiness should not be dependent on people or circumstances. Your happiness is what you choose. If we are happy, we could spread happiness everywhere. Happiness adds to the beauty of a person. Also, a happy person never gets disappointed even in adverse situations. Thus, be happy and enjoy life.


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