Speech for Students

Welcome Speech for Event for Students and Children

Welcome Speech for Event

It is my pleasure to present a welcome speech for  event of the Annual Sports Day. I believe that everyone present here is doing good and are super excited about today’s Sports day. For good physical fitness and strength, sport is an integral part of life. Sports make our life interesting, teach us to work hard and push our limits to reach a new high. Sports teach discipline, respect, friendship, leadership, resilience, teamwork and overcoming adversity. It is a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. The good school not only aims to improve a student’s physical abilities but also help them learn a sense of good sportsmanship.

Welcome Speech for Event

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Welcome to the Dignitaries

I take this golden opportunity to stand before you all on behalf of our school management and students to thank our special guest _______________. A person who hardly needs an introduction. He/she has made all of us proud of his/ her distinguished work in numerous capacities and is the most celebrated dignitaries.

He/ she is the sculptor of human character, a seasoned scholar and a navigator of the flagship of knowledge. On behalf of our school management, teachers, parents, and students I extend a warm welcome to you sir/ madam.

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Welcome to the Principal

I feel grateful to have the presence of our beloved principal. A person who is an inspiration to all. He has given us the path to follow to make our dreams reality and given the firm foundation for all young minds. He is a role model for all the teachers and students for the discipline and incomparable hard work which he practices in daily life.

May I now invite our principal Mr. / Mrs. _____________________ to honour our chief guest ___________________.

I take great honor to welcome our dear teachers. They work endlessly to shape young lives and makes them good citizens for society. They inspire hopes, enlighten the wisdom and install a passion for learning.

Their tremendous efforts in teaching the drill, different forms of races for different age group and making a large group of students ready for this day is commendable.

No one on earth can love us more than our parents. Behind the hard work and success of any person, there is an inspiration and vision of parents. I extend a hearty welcome to all the parents who have taken time out of their busy schedule to cheer up the students and appraise the efforts of the school.

Your goodwill and appreciation bring positive energy in molding students for future growth and growth of this school.


I would like to appreciate all the students for their presence all fresh, happy and excited about the performances which are about to start. I wish good luck to all the students participating in drill, races, marchpasts and other performances. Also, I pray that you all may do your best.

For all those students who have not participated this year, I would like to encourage that next year you should participate so that you can use your abilities in the best way.

I would like to make an announcement that the judgment giving by coaches and judges would be final. No arguments or conflicts would be entertained.

I am delighted to declare the Annual Sports Day open. Now, I request all to stand up for the National Anthem.

Thank you so much!

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