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English > Speech for Students > Speech on Unity Is Strength for Students and Children
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Speech on Unity Is Strength for Students and Children

Speech on Unity Is Strength

From the dawn of humanity, we can find the evidence that strength lies in the numbers and without our inseparable belief in, “Unity is strength”. Moreover, we have always been stronger hunters and knowledge shares when united.

Speech on Unity Is Strength

Besides, the proverb “Unity is strength” is more than just that. Because our history is filled with incidents where we have achieved things that we weren’t able to achieve individually. Also, to stand up against anything we need strength which comes with unity.

What we can learn?

We can learn a lot of things from unity as it is easier to co-operate with each other to meet life’s daily challenges. It is important to realize modern world challenges that we face today are quite different from those which our ancestors faced.

Today we stand on the shoulders of our descendants who suffered to improve ways of our life. Besides, we still struggle to improve the quality of life of humankind.

The earliest example of human unity is Mesopotamia and it is the earliest developments of the Neolithic Revolution. Archeologists believe that it has inspired some of the important progressive steps in human’s history. These include the invention of the wheel the development of cursive script and planting of the first cereal crops.

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Why we need Unity?

Because we cannot exist in isolation. We are humans we need to learn and trust and depend upon others. Furthermore, we can overcome some of the challenges that we face today by being united against them.

We need to think seriously about this because due to technology we are isolating ourselves from the outside world and people around us. Tell me when was the last time that you have ever taken part in any team building activity or even attend a workshop?

Although we all have a busy life regardless of that it’s a good idea to develop team-building skills so that in times of need we can stand together rather than standing apart.

Team building skill is important because it helps us build relationships with people and build trust with those who in turn trust us so that we can remain united at times of extreme challenges and difficulty.

Besides, for students, it is an adult’s duty to show and teach them how to forge bonds in the name of unity so they can face and conquer challenges. Also, there are workshops that teach them how to build unity.

Moreover, as a society, our overall survival depends on all of us coming together to address various issues. It helps society to evolve into something better. In addition, we can teach children with some of these important lessons so that can understand the value of unity and why there is strength in unity.

How to reach Unity?

There are many games out there that teach children unity like Lego. As in the future, these games help them put their skills to good use. In addition, we all are intricately interlinked with each other that’s why it is easy for us to build strong bonds and relationships within a short space of time.

E.g. During your morning walk you see many familiar faces to those you have waved to the other day. After that, you talk to each other and find each other interesting and develop a long-lasting relationship with them.

To conclude, Unity is a strength because it helps us in a lot of ways. It helps us to make a new trustful relationship with people. Every relation that you form can only help to serve you to overcome the challenges you face in life.

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