Speech for Students

Welcome Speech for Conference for Students and Children

Welcome Speech for Conference

Hello and a warm welcome to Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Principal, Teachers, dear friends, and parents. I am here to give a welcome speech for conference organized on personality development. I might likewise want to offer my thanks to our regarded chief guest who acknowledged our invitation to direct this conference for personality development. Our school organizes conferences consistently for students to gain knowledge, associating them with various aspects of life.

Welcome Speech for Conference

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Indeed! These conferences help students to get into self-introspection as well as their achievements. This encourages the students to participate in various events and see their blossom into an individual. I would also like to thank our Principal madam for all the enthusiasm and energy she carries for the students.

A special thanks to our teachers who are developing us as a confident person with definite goals in life. There will be a question and answer round where our students can clear their doubts in discussion with the experts. There will also be an awarding ceremony where our school students will be rewarded for their achievements at the state and national levels.

Let me give you a brief description of the topic we are discussing today. However, our panel of experts will further elaborate on the topic in a very simple way.

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Importance of Personality Development

Personality as a whole is the combination of character and appearance of an individual. It includes his/her behavior, attitude, thinking, and communication ability. Every individual possesses a personality that is different from the others in every sense.

Our behavior determines our friends and surroundings and their attitude towards us. The impact of various positive and negative factors in life molds our personality. Nowadays, personality development is essential from a career point of view.

We should not underestimate the importance of having a personality. We need good communication skills, politeness, vocabulary, neatness, and a positive attitude to enhance our personality. Personality is not about outer looks but its the inner beauty which matters the most.

Advantages of a Good Personality

An attractive personality influences everyone. You must possess certain traits and characteristics to make your mark during a deep conversation. In today’s competitive world one cannot get success without influencing others. Whether it is an interview or in conversation with friends you need to influence to make them believe in you.

Hence, every good school is giving special attention to the personality development of its students. Previously personality only means a good physical appearance by wearing good clothes. Now, with the change of time of competition and economic revolution students must develop interpersonal skills to have a brilliant career.

A great personality boosts your confidence to a different are in full command it gets a bit easy to give out your best performance. A positive attitude is really important for one to stay on the developmental path. To develop your personality you must improve your knowledge first. You must also maintain a good speaking style to have an engaging conversation.


I hope you all will understand the value of your personality and will enhance it for a better future. I ensure you all that this conference will be profitable for you in every aspect. Friends, this is all from me, thank you all for being such a patient listener. Now, l would like to invite our chief guest to please come on stage and enlighten us with his valuable thoughts.


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